Building A Great Network
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and CEO Omar Hosari attending the Cartier Mirage event in Dubai
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and CEO Omar Hosari attending the Cartier Mirage event in Dubai


Building a Great Network

Omar Hosari | - 11/14/2018
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Executive Insight

Building a Great Network: We hear a lot about the importance of business networking these days. Networking events have increasingly gained popularity. There’s no doubt that building a well-established network of industry stakeholders, influencers, and various types of entrepreneurs is crucial to keep on top of the latest and developing trends. Networking also provides good opportunities to gain different perspectives, exchange ideas, solve problems, and motivate and support each other. However, for me, the best and most effective ‘networking’ is a natural result of genuine curiosity and interest in people.

Build in person

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, we cannot underestimate the importance of face-to-face time. Though technology allows us to communicate more frequently and quickly, I feel that it should be restricted to organizing logistics and fact sharing and not used to build a connection. We must get to know people in person if we are to build meaningful relationships. Also, this is more conducive to a more natural flow in conversation that isn’t only restricted to business but includes other passions and interests, family, etc.

Build over time

Building real relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers is the result of getting to know each other and proven reliability over time. Trust is achieved much the same as a muscle is strengthened – through time and repetition. For me, the most meaningful and mutually-beneficial business relationships often extend beyond business activity itself and to a friendship level. This way, assisting someone in need, doing favors, giving honest feedback, and showing kindness are natural responses to a valued friendship and, therefore, done without any agenda.

This is how I’ve built a great network. Share your thoughts on this with me.