Tips For The Best Experience At World Cup 2022

Tips for the Best Experience at World Cup 2022

There is universal excitement and anticipation ahead of this year’s World Cup getting underway in Qatar from November 20 until December 18. It will be the first time the Middle East region plays host to the tournament and Qatar has been preparing for its role of host for the past 12 years. Authorities estimate the influx of 1.2 million visitors and a boost of $17 billion to the local economy. No doubt it’s going to be a magnificent event!  
What To Consider When Choosing An FBO 

What to Consider When Choosing an FBO 

Choosing the right FBO to meet your needs is a crucial component of a flawless flight experience. The FBO will be the place where your passengers will relax, get refreshed, and go through Customs and Immigration; where your crew will rest, and your aircraft will fuel up, receive maintenance, and restock, if necessary. It plays a pivotal role in private flight as it means avoiding the crowds, queues, and time-wasting associated with airport terminals.  Here are three things to consider when choosing an FBO.
BizAv’s Summer 2022

BizAv’s Summer 2022

Despite commercial airline activity making its global post-pandemic comeback, it’s been a summer of high demand and traffic for business jets. This comes after 2021 saw private jet usage soar to its highest level on record. WingX recorded 3.3 million business jet take-offs in 2021, the most for a single year and 7% more than the previous high in 2019. So business jet travel is booming, and no one involved in the industry will be surprised.
Producing Enough SAF To Meet The Projected Demand

Producing Enough SAF to Meet the Projected Demand

It’s almost a year since International Air Transport Association (IATA) member airlines committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. The airlines' commitment wasn’t only because of customer demands, but also due to the demands of investors. The journey to net-zero will be facilitated by a combination of advanced technology, carbon offsetting, new infrastructure, operational efficiencies, and of course, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). But it’s not only the airline operators’ policies that will make this possible or not.
The Rise Of Green Airports

The Rise of Green Airports

Mention sustainable aviation and most people’s thoughts will go directly to jet fuel and Co2 emissions. However, there are other aspects to the industry’s efforts to become greener and eco-friendly… carbon off-setting being adopted, more sustainable materials being used in manufacturing and design, and advancing technology enabling greater efficiency. In recent times we are also seeing the rise of the green airport… a smart, more streamlined infrastructure that is aimed at helping the environment and the user.   
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