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The Right Fuel Partner Can Make Or Break An Operator. Jet Fuel Consumption Represents The Largest Outgoing For Airlines And Operators. According To Statista, Commercial Airlines Used 95 Billion Gallons (431 Billion Liters) Of Fuel In 2019. This Dropped To 52 Billion Gallons In 2020 But Has Been Consistently On The Rise Again Ever Since The Height Of The Pandemic. Cost Efficiency Has Never Been So Important, So I’m Sharing Five Questions To Ask Yourself To Make Sure You Choose The Right Jet Fuel Partner To Meet Your Needs.

Choosing the Right Jet Fuel Partner

The right fuel partner can make or break an operator. Jet fuel consumption represents the largest outgoing for airlines and operators. According to Statista, commercial airlines used 95 billion gallons (431 billion liters) of fuel in 2019. This dropped to 52 billion gallons in 2020 but has been consistently on the rise again ever since the height of the pandemic. Cost efficiency has never been so important, so I’m sharing five questions to ask yourself to make sure you choose the right jet fuel partner to meet your needs.
Business Aviation Trends For 2022

Business Aviation Trends for 2022

2021 saw business aviation demand flourish and enjoy a recovery that many wouldn’t have dared to dream.  But the rise of the Omicron variant at the end of the year caused many countries to return to tight travel restrictions. Now at the beginning of 2022, it seems that we are returning to more international travel but to make assumptions about what could potentially happen throughout the year ahead is folly. What we can do is use the experience of 2021 to predict some business travel trends that will strengthen in 2022.  Notwithstanding that travelers and operators will continue to demand enhanced efficiency for their business operations, here are three trends I think we will see a lot more of this year.
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