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Chennai International Airport VOMM


Chennai International Airport VOMM

Karan Sharma | - 12/24/2018
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Chennai International Airport VOMM: Chennai Airport is India’s fourth-busiest airport by overall passenger traffic. It serves the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Serves: Chennai Country: India  
Elevation: 52ft  Coordinates:  12°58′56″N 80°9′49″E
Ground frequency: 121.9 MHZ Tower frequency: 118.1 MHZ
Runways: 2 Longest runway:  12,001 ft
Timezone: UTC + 5.30 hrs Fire category: CAT 9
Airport type:  International AOE: Yes 
Operational Information 
  • Permit lead time is three working days from non-PRC countries and seven days from PRC countries
  • Parking slots are available
  • Jet A1 and AVGAS are available
  • PPR is not necessary
On the Ground
  • Number of aircraft handled: 600 per day
  • PCN: 62/R/C/W/T
  • Types of aircraft handled: A340, B777, B747
  • Navaid: DVOR, ILS, NDB, DME
  • Cargo capacity: 5 MT
  • FBO: No FBO at this airport
  • Alternate airport: VOBL
Contact Numbers
  • Police: 044 2256 1261
  • Customs: 044 2234 0008
  • Airport authority: 044 2256 1122
Tourist Information

For more information on Chennai Airport, visit the official website here 

For support with your flight operations to Chennai Airport, contact UAS India 

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