China Cargo Operations – Your Questions Answered


China Cargo Operations – Your Questions Answered

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China Cargo Operations – Your Questions Answered: The demand for cargo flight support to and from China is growing daily. UAS China is busy handling this demand from its regional office in Beijing. With UAS Station Managers on the ground at pivotal travel hubs across Greater China, UAS is on the frontline of flight operations, supervising each aspect of operations and ensuring cargo gets where it needs to be with safety and speed. UAS Regional Director – China, Carlos Schattenkirchner shares some up-to-the-minute insight and advice from Beijing.

What is the demand for cargo from China right now?

There is huge demand for cargo pick-up from China. As the production rates in most countries remain very low, many urgently needed medical supplies are being currently transported as airfreight. Due to the urgent need at the destination, most of the sea cargo of such medical supply goods have been moved to air cargo shipping because of its speed and efficiency. And because China’s production rate has almost reached normal levels again, air cargo demand is spreading throughout the country.

What kind of aircraft is the most in-demand?

Typically, full cargo aircraft or converted passenger aircraft are used. Most aircraft arrive ferry to China and pick-up one full shipment.

What difficulties are operators experiencing at present?

Entry restrictions (also applicable to the on-duty crew) remain one of the biggest challenges. Crews are only allowed to enter China with a valid Crew Visa (C-Type). Any other types of visas issued before March 28 have been temporarily suspended and entry will not be allowed. The on-duty crew that does not hold a valid Crew Visa (C-Type) will not be allowed to enter China. So, for most operators, this means that no crew rest can be planned in China. Depending on the routing, most operators are opting for a crew rest stop in neighboring countries. In addition, the traffic rights and landing permit approval process must be backed with a government support letter from the state ordering the humanitarian cargo.

Please note that all governments around the globe issue letters in English, so it has become widely common that the local Embassy of the ordering country also issues a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China.

What sort of concerns do operators have?

The main concerns are the high traffic rates at many of China’s main cargo hubs. The restrictions for crew rest means that ground time is limited. We have seen situations where landside cargo transport had to queue for 24-36 hours to be cleared to offload their cargo at designated warehouses. The entire supply chain, from the factory to the aircraft is a tricky process. Currently, operators must not only consider typical aviation pain points but also consider the entire process.

What can clients expect from UAS China?

UAS China has a wide network of contracted airports in Greater China and we’re working directly with the local authorities to ensure ad-hoc flights will be accepted and handled smoothly. We have ground bases in or close to the major cargo hubs in China. Our staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Hong Kong have considerable experience with all aspects of cargo operations. Our China-wide station manager network is on the ramp to ensure a smooth process. We coordinate with the warehouses to ensure the build-up process is finished well before the aircraft arrival and so that cargo loading can start immediately, and no time is lost. We are also in direct contact with the aviation authorities to accompany the entire landing right and permission process and give full guidance to the operator on the required documents and letters.

Our Beijing Operations Team is available 24/7 to assist any operator throughout their entire journey to China. We are ensuring that the crew will also be welcomed by English speaking UAS staff. The entire process for the planning stage through to the application phase until cargo loading and departure is managed by our teams to give our client confidence and peace of mind during these difficult times.

For support with your China cargo operations, contact UAS China