Flight Ops To Kigali International Airport


Flight Ops to Kigali International Airport

Fred Kiige | - 02/21/2019
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Flight Ops to Kigali International Airport: The Aviation Africa Summit gets underway in Kigali, Rwanda from February 27-28. Here’s the operational info for Kigali International Airport.

Kigali International Airport 
  • ICAO Code: HRYR
  • IATA Code: KGL
  • Coordinates: 1.966389 / 30.13306
  • Elevation: 4,891 ft / 1,491 m
  • Time zone: GMT +2
  • Alternative airport: Kampala International (HUEN)
Operational Information
  • Private and non-scheduled flights require both landing and overflight permits
  • Airport slots are not required
  • Long-term parking should be confirmed at least three days prior to arrival
  • Permit applications can be done here
  • No documentary proof is requested through the online application process but Civil Aviation inspectors usually carry out random inspection of aircraft upon landing to check that documents like Certificate of Airworthiness, Insurance certificates, and Pilot licenses are on board and up to date
  • The official permit request lead time is 72 hours but when the application is properly filled, the permit can be issued within minutes
  • Permits are valid for 72 hours and can be extended with valid reasons
  • The CAA operates Monday to Friday during normal working hours (0800 – 1600LT) and is closed during weekends and public holidays
  • Both Jet A-1 and AvGas are generally available from major suppliers at HRYR
  • Fueling while passengers are on board is allowed provided fire standby is arranged in advance

For support with your Flight Ops to Kigali International Airport, contact UAS