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Client Information

To set up your account and start the registration process, we need a few more information from you.

Kindly fill in all the form fields electronically (recommended) or by hand, save the file and send it back to us. The form contains clickable links to various tax documents and features. They are highlighted in green. Lastly, if you need assistance in filling out the form, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact Information


Who shall we contact to request flight data?

Who shall receive our invoices?

Who shall get access to the Client Area ?

Who shall we contact for regulatory updates and other useful information?


We issue PDF tax statements or XLS tax reports to show you exactly how much tax your aircraft and flights have caused. Please tick below which of those documents you want to receive.

What are your tax payment preferences?

We can pay tax on your behalf if the tax payment in a certain country does not exceed the equivalent of 300 €. If the tax payment is higher, we can still pay tax on your behalf, but we need to wait until you pay us first. This option is not available if the payment deadline is too soon. Alternatively, we can share payment details with you, and you make the tax payment directly to the competent authority.

Aviation tax schemes

*Portuguese Carbon Tax, Norwegian Air Passenger Tax and Australian Passenger MovementCharge are not listed because FCC Aviation makes payment by default.

who shall receive the tax payment reminders?

Tax Registration Number

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