Dreams Soar: Making Dreams A Reality For Women Seeking Aviation Careers


Dreams Soar: Making Dreams a Reality for Women Seeking Aviation Careers

Barbara Mohr | - 05/12/2017
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Dreams Soar: Making Dreams a Reality for Women Seeking Aviation Careers: Many industrialized nations are facing a shortage of qualified candidates to fill science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) roles in the coming decade. The same holds true for aviation too. One woman hopes to help change that.

Shaesta Waiz, the first Afghan female to become a certified general aviation pilot, has set her sights on inspiring young women around the globe to actively pursue challenging yet rewarding STEM-related careers, including those in the aviation industry. And what better way to inspire these women than to lead by example?

Shaesta, with the help of numerous partners worldwide, will embark on a special mission called Dreams Soar – a solo, around-the-world flight beginning on Saturday, May 13, 2017. She will take off from Sheltair Aviation at Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB). She plans to make 30 stops in 18 countries across five continents – for a total of 25.800 nautical miles. This flight will be the second time a female has circumnavigated the globe; plus, she will be the youngest female pilot to attempt it.

The plan is to make three stops in North America; cross the Atlantic to Europe for four stops; then four stops in the Middle East; five stops in Asia; on to Australia for two more; cross the Pacific and stop seven more times. Then, it will be back to North America for a ten-leg crossing of the continental U.S. She will end up back in Daytona Beach, where the mission started.

The planned route Shaesta will take:

From To Distance
KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida KCMH Columbus, Ohio 655 nm
KCMH Columbus, Ohio CYUL Montréal, Canada 521 nm
CYUL Montréal, Canada CYYT St. Johns, Canada 876 nm
CYYT St. Johns, Canada LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal 1,374 nm
LPAZ Santa Maria, Portugal LECU Madrid, Spain 1,023 nm
LECU Madrid, Spain EGKB Biggin Hill, UK 673 nm
EGKB Biggin Hill, UK LIRU Rome-Urbe, Italy 850 nm
LIRU Rome-Urbe, Italy HECA Cairo, Egypt 1,157 nm
HECA Cairo, Egypt OTBD Doha, Qatar 1,111 nm
OTBD Doha, Qatar OMDB Dubai, UAE 207 nm
OMDB Dubai, UAE VABB Mumbai, India 1,041 nm
VABB Mumbai, India VECC Kolkata (Calcutta), India 901 nm
VECC Kolkata (Calcutta), India VTBD Bangkok, Thailand 868 nm
VTBD Bangkok, Thailand WSSL Singapore Seletar, Singapore 772 nm
WSSL Singapore Seletar, Singapore WADD Bali, Indonesia 910 nm
WADD Bali, Indonesia YPDN Darwin, Australia 953 nm
YPDN Darwin, Australia YBCS Cairns, Australia 906 nm
YBCS Cairns, Australia NWWW Nouméa, New Caledonia 1,199 nm
NWWW Nouméa, New Caledonia NWWM Magenta, New Caledonia 21 nm
NWWW Magenta, New Caledonia NFFN Nadi, Fiji 676 nm
NFFN Nadi, Fiji NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa 715 nm
NSTU Pago Pago, American Samoa PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati 1,258 nm
PLCH Christmas Island, Kiribati PHTO Hilo, Hawaii 1,068 nm
PHTO Hilo, Hawaii PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii 188 nm
PHNL Honolulu, Hawaii KOAK Oakland, California 2,093 nm
KOAK Oakland, California KSEE El Cajon, California 391 nm
KSEE El Cajon, California KVGT Las Vegas, Nevada 225 nm
KVGT Las Vegas, Nevada KDVT Phoenix, Arizona 215 nm
KDVT Phoenix, Arizona KICT Wichita, Kansas 754 nm
KICT Wichita, Kansas KGRR Grand Rapids, Michigan 630 nm
KGRR Grand Rapids, Michigan KDCA Washington, D.C. 460 nm
KDCA Washington, D.C. KPDK Atlanta, Georgia (Peachtree) 461 nm
KPDK Atlanta, Georgia (Peachtree) KBFM Mobile, Alabama 273 nm
KBFM Mobile, Alabama KDAB Daytona Beach, Florida 375 nm
Total: 25,800 nm

Source: dreamssoar.org

FlightAware will provide live tracking on the flight once it gets underway from Daytona Beach. To follow the flight, go to the Dreams Soar website.

Shaesta was born in Afghanistan and emigrated to the U.S. as a young girl with her parents and five sisters. They settled in Richmond, California in 1987. She discovered a fascination with aviation, which motivated her to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees – making her the first woman in her family to ever do so. While in college, she started the Women’s Ambassador Program designed to mentor young women who desire aviation and engineering careers.

To learn more about Shaesta’s unique and inspiring story, read her own words. For updates on this story, visit UAS Blog frequently over the coming months.