Extended Opening Date For Istanbul New Airport


Extended Opening Date for Istanbul New Airport

UAS Operations | - 01/21/2019
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Extended Opening Date for Istanbul New Airport: The official opening date for all operations to Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) has been extended to 2100z on March 2, 2019.

Ataturk Airport (LTBA) will not be open to commercial/scheduled airlines operations after 0000Z on March 1.

Commercial business and GA operations, air taxi flights, private flights, diplomatic flights, and maintenance flights will have the option to use either Ataturk Airport (LTBA) and Istanbul New Airport (LTFM).

It will be mandatory for all commercial airline flights to use Istanbul New Airport (LTFM).

For flight connections from business jets to commercial airlines, Istanbul New Airport is recommended since all commercial/ scheduled airlines will be operating to/from the airport.

Transfer Period 

The transfer period from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) to Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will begin at 0000z on March 1 and ends at 2100z on March 2 and during this time both airports will have temporary closures and limited capacities.

During these 45 hours, İstanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) and İstanbul New Airport (LTFM) will only be available for base carriers’ flights and both Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) and Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will be operating with reduced capacity as follows:

  • LTBA and LTFM 35 arrivals per hour
  • LTBA and LTFM 35 departures per hour
  • LTBA and LTFM arrival/departure total common capacity per hour 70

From 2100z on March 2, Istanbul Ataturk will be closed to scheduled/unscheduled domestic and international commercial passenger flights and will only be available for cargo, maintenance/technical, general aviation, air taxi, business, state aircraft flights, and other flights permitted by the national authority.

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