Flight Operations To Athens


Flight Operations to Athens

Ahmad Ammar | - 05/20/2019
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Flight Operations to Athens: The IATA Aviation Fuel Forum gets underway from May 21-23 at the Athenaeum InterContinental, Athens… Here’s what operators need to know to access Athens International (AIA), the busiest airport in Greece.

Athens International Airport

  • Elevation: 308 ft / 94 m
  • Coordinates: 37°56′11″N 23°56′50″E
  • Fuel available: All types
  • Timezone: GMT +3


Operational Information

  • PPR is not required (this changes during the Summer months)
  • Parking PPR is required, slots are not required
  • There are currently no restrictions


Ground Transport

  • The airport is located about 20 km outside central Athens
  • You can reach downtown Athens by taxi, bus, or rail from the airport
  • Rental cars are available



Close to the airport: Sofitel , Holiday Inn

Close to the event (downtown): Amalia Hotel, Astor, Elektra