Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  


Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

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With its Southern charm, dark and romantic history, and modern arts and culinary scene, Charleston, South Carolina is a welcome addition to our Hidden Gems destination list.   

Hidden Gems Charlston, South Carolina

A port city on the eastern seaboard of the U.S., Charleston was originally settled in 1670 as named Charles Town in honor of King Charles II. This gem is steeped in southern charm, history and romance. It’s a place where visitors can expect to find cobblestone streets, beautiful antebellum homes, hidden gardens, and historic landmarks.

Teamed with its contemporary coastal culture, thriving nightlife and culinary scene, and beautiful oceanfront resorts, “the Holy City” is truly a destination that has something for everyone from history buffs to beachgoers. 

“Pineapples are omnipresent in Charleston, from adorning porches to doorknobs and post toppers, and of course, the famous fountain. A symbol of hospitality, the tradition originates in the 17th century when people would place pineapples on their porches to welcome those who had been at sea.” 

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

The location  

Charleston lies in the coastal Southeastern region of the United States, just south of the middle of South Carolina’s coastline on Charleston Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.   

The people  

The city has a population of just over 150,000 but the population of the entire metropolitan area is estimated to be almost 850,000. Charlestonians are famous for their warmth, laid-back charm and incredible hospitality to visitors. 

The climate 

Charleston summers are hot and heavy, and the winters are cold and fresh It can also be wet and cloudy throughout the year. Temperatures vary from 43°F (6 Celsius) to 89°F (31 Celsius). 

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  


Charleston has a strong tourism economy but manages to retain its traditional charm. It offers an unbelievably diverse range of tourist activities, from water sports to historic tours, nightlife to plantations. It also boasts a thriving food and arts scene. 

What to see in Charleston, South Carolina 

  • Fort Sumter National Monument 
  • City Market 
  • The Battery 
  • Charlston Harbor  
  • Magnolia Plantation or Gardens  
  • Boone Hall Plantations  
  • Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon 
  • Middleton Place 
  • Old Slave Mart Museum  
  • Morris Island  

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

Best time to visit Charleston

The weather in Charlston is quite moderate year-round, but optimal weather conditions are generally found from mid-March to May and from September to November. 

What makes Charleston unique 

One of America’s oldest cities, Charlston lays claim to being home to many American firsts, including the first museum, public college, playhouse, and golf club. It’s unique blend of history, romance, culture, architecture, and Southern charm makes it truly captivating.  

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

Flying private to Charleston

Chartering a private jet allows you to begin your holiday before leaving home as well as enjoy a truly peaceful and relaxed Charleston, South Carolina travel experience at your own pace.  

Entry airport 

Charleston International Airport  

  • IATA code: CHS 
  • ICAO code: KCHS 
  • Coordinates: N32-53.9 / W080-02.4 
  • Elevation:  46 ft. / 14 m 
  • Time zone: (GMT-4) 
  • Opening hours: 24/7 

Operational information  

  • This is a landing rights airport, eApis and landing permits are required 
  • Custom hours 0800-1700 Monday-Friday only (Custom clearance by prior arrangement only) 
  • AVGAS and JET A1 fuels are available  
  • Prior permission is required for parking of general aviation aircraft on the terminal ramp 
  • Parking is available 
  • There is an FBO  

Please note: 

  • eApis must be filed and it must be 100% accurate 
  • Any incorrect information in the eApis transmission will require CBP Officers to inspect and clear the entire plane 

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

Commercial flights 

  • Charlston International is South Carolina’s busiest airport; in 2023 the airport served over 6.1 million passengers for its busiest year on record
  • Located in North Charleston, it is approximately 12 miles (19 km) from downtown Charleston
  • Currently, there are 52 domestic flights to Charleston
  • Outside of the U.S., Toronto is the only airport that has a direct flight to Charlston International Airport

Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  


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Hidden Gems: Charleston, South Carolina  

Visitor tips 

  • Charleston’s haunted history comes alive during ghost tours where you can dive into the city’s eerie past 
  • Keep an eye out for Haint Blue on Charleston’s porch ceilings, popular because it’s believed to ward off evil haints or spirits 
  • Charlston is famed for its culinary, art, and nightlife scene, so be sure to check them all out during your trip

To create your ultimate Charleston, South Carolina travel experience, contact UAS Charter or UAS Executive Travel. 

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