The Importance Of Reliable Business Aircraft Handling


The Importance of Reliable Business Aircraft Handling

Tatiana Salazar | - 07/10/2017
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The Importance of Reliable Business Aircraft Handling: Business aviation is one of those sectors with high expectations regarding services rendered. In order to meet and exceed these expectations, it is important to understand the available services, and most importantly, choose the right vendors.

One service arena that delivers flight operation success or failure is ground services. Aircraft need tailored and flexible services from fixed-base operators (FBOs). One important consideration when choosing your ground support vendor is understanding the differences between standard ground services and FBO services.

An FBO is an organization that provides aviation services at an airport, specifically for general aviation flights. Some of the services provided by an FBO are ground handling, fueling, on-site customs, lounge, hangarage, conference room facilities, and more depending on its facility’s size. In markets such as the U.S., Canada and Europe, the FBO concept has been standardized and is well understood by support and service providers and clients alike.

However, in other regions around the world, the concept of FBO may be misunderstood. For those countries where an FBO is not available, the operation should be requested from a local ground handling company. Choosing a local company or supervisor can make the transition between airports more efficient and pleasant for passengers and crew. Now, if you are planning to travel to a remote location, where just a small airport and runway is available, your best option is an airside supervisory agent. Usually, ground handlers at major cities will send a supervisor to take care of the operation.

Regardless of your destination, understanding operational needs and ensuring that the ground handling provider has the certification and experience to comply with general aviation requirements will ensure your flight is as uneventful as possible – which in business aviation is a very good thing.