Innovation Inspires Our Vision


Innovation Inspires Our Vision

Mohammed Al Husary | - 06/13/2019
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Executive Insight

Innovation Inspires Our Vision: I’ve always maintained that innovation is not only crucial to business success but also necessary for survival. The attempt to innovate should be at the core of every organization, otherwise, that organization is redundant. I think this is something most professionals can agree on. Out of the fifteen categories of the Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards (awarded in St. Maarten’s this week), one of the most in-demand categories was ‘Innovation in Business Aviation’. I’m delighted to say that award went to UAS this year, a wonderful testament to the deliberate efforts we have made in recent times to innovate beyond everybody’s expectations.

But what exactly is Innovation? We hear it a lot these days. We may even hear the word too much because it is often overused and applied to things that don’t merit it. For me, innovation is not defined by aspirations, words, or even actions. It is defined only by results. The only measure of innovation must be an affirmative answer to the question, “Is there a measurable improvement in this method/product/service?”

At UAS, we strive to be as innovative as possible not only through our investment in technologies but also with the synergies developed through our many global partnerships. When we began developing our own aviation technology, we did so with a view to completely revolutionize aviation technology and bring it to a whole new level of capability and ease. For us, UAS Evolution® had to prove a truly groundbreaking suite of online and mobile technology capable of eradicating pain points that continued to plague operators. Even though there were many other aviation technologies on the market, our technology had to go beyond what was currently available, or it would be meaningless. This was our level of expectation, and we delivered.

UAS is delighted to receive this recognition and extremely thankful to the Sapphire Pegasus judging panel as well as our esteemed industry friends who voted to award us with this excellent acknowledgment. Our quest to dramatically enhance the business aviation customer experience will continue to inspire us to constantly innovate.