Maintaining Good Mental Health Amid The Pace Of BizAv


Maintaining good mental health amid the pace of BizAv

Mohammed Al Husary | - 10/10/2023
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Maintaining good mental health amid the pace of BizAv – On World Mental Health Day, it is helpful for the global business aviation community to reflect on the mental wellbeing of its professionals. Such a dynamic and fast-paced industry is fascinating and exciting to work in, but this pressure can take its toll on mental health standards. Here are my thoughts on the most common signs of burnout for aviation professionals, and what we all can do to mitigate them.

Signs of burnout are varied, but there are certain indicators we can look out for in ourselves and our colleagues working in high-stress operational situations.

  • Physical and mental exhaustion from lack of sleep causing excessive irritability
  • Workplace dread caused by cynicism and an unusually negative attitude
  • Performance decline due to loss of motivation
  • Chronic anxiety due to a sense of failure or self-doubt
  • Decreased satisfaction in work and life in general
  • Feeling detached or alone in the workplace

Employers can support and encourage employees to take control of their mental wellness. Here are a few practical tips we employers can use to enhance the mental wellness of our BizAv workforces.

  • Cultivate a company culture where employees feel safe discussing their mental health concerns
  • Encourage regular check-ins and provide access to confidential counselling services
  • Promote mental health awareness and encourage employees to about what it is, how to look after it, and how make it stronger and offer ongoing support
  • Encourage a healthy work-life balance by setting clear boundaries and discouraging excessive overtime
  • Offer a supportive work environment that fosters positive social interactions and team building among employees because social connection is essential for mental health

And last but not least, my personal favorite suggestion is to appoint a Chief Wellness Officer. Without a designated individual responsible for wellness, it may not receive the attention it deserves in our organizations. And it is crucial for employers and individuals alike to take mental health as seriously as physical health if we are to continue to advance the safety and efficiency of our industry.

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