Flight Operations To G7 Hiroshima


Flight Operations to G7 Hiroshima

UAS Operations | - 05/08/2023
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The G7 Summit will take place from May 19-21 in Hiroshima, Japan.  

Heads of State and their delegations from the seven G7 countries of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US, will be jetting to the event.  

Due to the sheer volume of elements concerned in G7 operations, operators are advised to start planning their trips as soon as possible to ensure their preferred airport slots, parking, and accommodation options. 

The dedicated UAS G7 team of flight dispatchers, Ops experts, and VIP Supervisors on the ground, both airside and landside, are ready to support and oversee all aspects of planning and execution to ensure our clients’ operations go seamlessly. 

Hiroshima Airport  

  • Coordinates: 34.4399° N, 132.9191° E 
  • Elevation: 1,086ft 
  • Fuel available: Jet A-1 with Fuel truck only 
  • Operating hours: 2230Z-1330Z 

Operational information  

  • Special authorization is required 
  • Located in the city of Mihara, 50km east of Hiroshima 6 
  • For slots and overflight and landing permits, operators should contact their respective embassy to put in a request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Due to the limited availability of parking spots, overnight perking won’t be allowed  
  • Parking will be possible at RJAA, RJBB, and RJGG 
  • RJBB is the nearest airport for repositioning so demand may be high  
  • GSEs will be available to wide body such B777/B787 unless conflicted with other flights  

Visit the official airport website here. 

For support with your flight operations to G7 Hiroshima, contact UAS.