Maya-Maya International Airport FCBB


Maya-Maya International Airport FCBB

David Kombo | - 07/23/2018
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Maya-Maya International Airport FCBB: Maya-Maya International Airport serves the Republic of the Congo’s capital city Brazzaville and is located approximately 15-20 minutes driving time from the city center. 

Cities: Brazzaville Country: Republic of the Congo
Elevation: 1,048ft / 319m  Latitude/longitude: 04° 15′ 06”S  15° 15′ 11”
Operating hours: 24/7 Airport type: Public and Military
AOE: Yes Fire category:
Timezone: GMT+01:00 Fuel type: Jet A1 
Tower frequency: 118,7 MHZ, 121,1 MHZ  Ground frequency: Nil 

On the Ground

  • Type of aircraft handled: B747
  • Number of aircraft handled: 13 or so
  • PCN: 05L/23R, 05R/23L
  • Longest runway: 3300m
  • Equipment availability: All equipment is available

Operational Information 

  • Permit lead time is a maximum of 72 hours
  • PPR is not required
  • Airport slots are not required
  • Alternative airports: FCPP, FCOD
  • Crew visa: GENDEC is sufficient if stay less than 72 hours
  • Passengers must obtain their visas before arrival (there is no visa on arrival)
Contact numbers
  • ASECNA: (242) 05 377 95 44
  • ANAC: (242) 22 281 02 27
  • AERCO: (242) 06 909 25 25

Tourist Information

For more information on this airport and to visit the official website, click here

For support with your flight operations to Republic of the Congo, contact UAS