Post-pandemic Travel – Your Questions Answered


Post-pandemic travel – Your questions answered

Executive Travel | - 08/02/2021
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As more global destinations begin to welcome tourists again, travelers have many queries that need to be addressed. In this blog, the UAS Executive Travel team answers your questions about the realities of post-pandemic travel.

What are the main obstacles to travel these days?

Although countries are opening and welcoming tourists, the requirements and regulations that permit travel itself can be a deterrent to potential travelers. The pandemic has had a huge impact on immigration policies and processes worldwide. Throughout 2020 and much of 2021, global governments continuously changed their entry requirements in attempts to contain COVID-19. Although wide-ranging entry restrictions have been steadily decreasing, some countries still have partial bans for some foreign nationals and there are still many variations in quarantine requirements across the world. For example, proof of negative COVID-19 test results, vaccination, or health certificates are replacing strict quarantine requirements in many countries. Also, on-arrival/departure health questionnaires and health assessments have become common requirements for international flight. Wherever the destination, travelers must ensure they stay informed of the latest testing requirements for their destination, including any stops for connecting flights. This is why it’s crucial that they have the right travel partner to support them on their journey and ensure they stay abreast of the latest developments wherever they are.

What are travelers’ biggest concerns about accommodation?

When it comes to choosing accommodation, travelers’ main concern is hygiene; they want to know that the highest international standards are upheld at their destination hotel, and on their ground journey there. This is why hotel industry leaders have cited trust in cleanliness standards as the most critical factor in the resumption of travel.

How have hotels evolved to ensure the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness?

Hotels are acutely aware of the importance of hygiene and sanitation since the pandemic, and these are the most significant factors they have been focusing on. Hotels have implemented new procedures to deliver an industry-defining standard of cleanliness and disinfection. We have seen hotel groups collaborate with specialist clinics to develop elevated processes and training for their team members to ensure guests enjoy an even cleaner and safer stay from check-in to check-out.  Rigorous systems have been put in place that ensure a scientific approach to cleaning practices, with hospital-grade cleaning products and upgraded protocols are currently in use. This new standard of cleanliness should be obvious to guests throughout their entire stay in their rooms and in the restaurants, fitness areas, spas, and in all other public spaces throughout the property.

How are prices compared to before now that travel is resuming?

The average travel services rates were at their lowest level in March 2021 but have since started to recover. However, even in recent months, prices are about 25% – 35% lower than last year. Travelers can expect prices to go up compared to 2020 prices, however, they can expect to benefit from frequent promotions.

Will there be more flexibility in booking and cancelations post-pandemic?

Cancellation policies have become far more flexible than they were a year ago. Now, travelers don’t have the extra expense if they need to cancel or push back their travel plans. However, this doesn’t mean that travelers are guaranteed a full refund, but it does mean that in most cases, they won’t be charged to change. Although there is more wiggle room generally, this won’t be possible in certain locations and during seasons when demand is higher.

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