Recognizing The Power Of Internal Logic


Recognizing the Power of Internal Logic

UAS Operations | - 01/19/2016
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Executive Insight

Recognizing the power of your own internal logic and utilizing it effectively is something that is very hard to master, yet it is the key ingredient to success. People who often contemplate before they speak, make decisions based on facts, and communicate effectively are considered an asset to any organization. These people add value to business through innovation, creating new methods, and striving to exceed any goal set before them.

According to the dean of a prestigious business school, 70% of success in business is not based on privilege, education, or technical/academic skills. This majority is instead drawn from the power of internal logic and entrepreneurship. A person with the unique aptitude for using common sense will lead a very successful life, and possibly the ability to utilize internal logic IS what sets the entrepreneurs apart from the wantrepreneurs. The three things to consider in order to master the use of your internal logic are:

Think before you speak

In any setting, pausing to consider your reply buys time to make a thoughtful choice. Asking yourself if what you are considering saying contributes to the discussion prevents a regrettable response or, in worst case scenarios, a disastrous outcome. Choosing silence first is a principle that takes practice and is not easy for most to master immediately. A thoughtful response doesn’t guarantee you will always be right, nor does it guarantee that you will always get what you want, but it does guarantee you will be wrong less often, and the risk of disastrous outcomes is greatly reduced.

Decision making based on facts

Making decisions based on emotions rather than intellectual data will frequently result in a wrong decision. As a leader, it is paramount to carefully consider the weight of your choices and how they will impact not only the present situation, but also the future. Asking yourself, “Is this decision sustainable?” is the mark of a fair leader. Decisions measured against fact are the most objective and build a standard of integrity.

Communicate effectively

Highly effective communicators who share their vision with colleagues are most likely to see the success of their design come to fruition. Expectations and goals that are shared clearly from the beginning prevent confusion and conflict. A team that is working from the same page in the playbook can charge toward a goal together with speed and precision.

No matter your profession, choosing to use the power of internal logic will guarantee greater achievement in everything you do. Learning to listen, making choices measured with data, and conveying expectations accurately are the makings of a trendsetter.