Streamlining SOPS Keeps Us Moving


Streamlining SOPS keeps us moving

Mohammed Al Husary | - 09/03/2020
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Securing a safe and hygienic environment on a private aircraft with limited and distanced passengers is extremely doable… But what about any contamination that could happen at the FBO? The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) cleaning standards for FBOs were released this summer. Called ‘Safety 1st Clean’ and published by the NATA’s Safety Committee and COVID Taskforce, it details universal SOPs to curb the spread of infectious disease and provides practical advice on facility cleaning and disinfection. It not only is giving the business aviation community a free guide to streamline standards across global operations and keep people safe from infection as they work or travel. It also has made a great contribution to ensure FBOs continue to operate as much as possible during these times.

Putting clients’ or passengers’ minds at rest is incredibly important to sustain confidence in private travel… particularly as commercial airlines have extremely well-developed SOPs to deal with COVID-19 and related challenges. However, the nature of private travel itself is tremendously advantageous – even the time spent in an FBO is minuscule compared to that spent at an airport terminal if flying commercially. Nevertheless, the standard covers a huge amount of areas related to hygiene… guidance for best practice cleaning and disinfecting all interiors including high-touches hot-spots, materials, and electric devices. It also outlines details of how an aircraft should be handled and new protocol for catering. For example, opting for pre-packaged food that is sourced from a certified COVID-free environment.

The Safety 1st Clean has been making an impact globally. In the first two weeks alone after its launch, 50 companies globally adopted the standard and took advantage of the self-certification process that allows FBOs to highlight their use of it. Well done to NATA and to the many global FBOs that are using this or similar standards to battle the spread of COVID. To take a look at the free standard, click here.

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