What COVID-19 Has Taught Us


What COVID-19 Has Taught Us

UAS Operations | - 06/10/2020
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What COVID-19 Has Taught Us: Even in the highly specialized area of aviation operations, working under strict and ever-changing restrictions and protocols brought on by the pandemic has given us the opportunity to learn so much more about ourselves. No one could have imagined what has happened to the world over the past six months… There is no comparable event in history that can compare with the uncertainty, upheaval, and economic damage that has been inflicted on the entire world. And now that we’re beginning to enter the phase of recovery – or at least, preparing for this phase – I want to reflect on three powerful things COVID-19 has taught us at UAS Operations.

Our potential is always evolving

Pressure and deadlines: two things that are a daily reality for aviation operations teams – and this is at normal times… At times of natural disasters and international incidents this is magnified. During COVID-19, Ops teams had the added challenges of moving cargo quickly and safely and getting people evacuated and repatriated amid ever-changing global flight and entry restrictions. It’s clear our potential to grow in competence and expertise is always evolving.

Our work ethic and teamwork never ceases to amaze

Another important lesson comes along with the challenges I’ve just mentioned, how our work ethic dictates our impact, as does how we work together as a team. Over the past six months, Ops teams have been going the extra mile to make sure their missions have been as secure and efficient as ever. COVID-19 has been a stress-test for this and has exposed fantastic work ethics.

How dedicated we are

To be successful at anything it’s vital to be passionate about it. This is because passion ensures dedication and without dedication there can be no success. I’ve seen such a high level of dedication throughout these times and a real devotion to client and operator needs. Sometimes we need hard times to appreciate what we are and what we’ve got.

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