Bali Airport Expected To Remain Closed


Bali Airport Expected to Remain Closed

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Bali Airport Expected to Remain Closed: Denpasar International Airport (WADD) is currently closed until 2300Z on November 27, however a further extension to this closure is likely as the ash cloud from the volcano is directly impacting airport operations.

WADD is the main airport in Bali, located 13 km south of Denpasar. Here are the official lines from the authorities:

Bali Airport NOTAM:

A4242/17 NOTAMN
Q) WAAF/QFALC/IV/NBO/A/000/999/0845S11510E005
A) WADD B) 1711262315 C) 1711272300EST

Current NOTAM:

VA ADVISORYDTG: 20171127/0250ZVAAC: DARWINVOLCANO: AGUNG 264020PSN: S0821 E11530AREA: INDONESIASUMMIT ELEV: 3142MADVISORY NR: 2017/25INFO SOURCE: HIMAWARI-8, CVGHM, WEBCAMAVIATION COLOUR CODE: REDERUPTION DETAILS: CONTINUOUS VA EMISSION TO FL300.OBS VA DTG: 27/0250ZOBS VA CLD: SFC/FL200 S0828 E11505 – S0853 E11453 – S0909        E11521 – S0911 E11539 – S0857 E11532 – S0843 E11531 MOV SW        5KT SFC/FL300 S0857 E11532 – S0911 E11539 – S0909 E11615 –        S0844 E11632 – S0806 E11635 – S0749 E11621 – S0734 E11533 –        S0809 E11507 – S0829 E11506 – S0843 E11532 MOV E 5KTFCST VA CLD +6 HR: 27/0850Z SFC/FL200 S0853 E11454 – S0913        E11525 – S0913 E11546 – S0815 E11515 SFC/FL300 S0913 E11546        – S0845 E11649 – S0811 E11629 – S0753 E11542 – S0815 E11515FCST VA CLD +12 HR: 27/1450Z SFC/FL200 S0816 E11516 – S0841        E11505 – S0901 E11501 – S0908 E11544 – S0849 E11623 – S0845        E11542 SFC/FL300 S0845 E11542 – S0849 E11623 – S0859 E11644        – S0841 E11657 – S0816 E11626 – S0805 E11533 – S0816 E11516        – S0834 E11532FCST VA CLD +18 HR: 27/2050Z SFC/FL200 S0817 E11519 – S0839        E11505 – S0901 E11501 – S0916 E11548 – S0908 E11611        SFC/FL300 S0908 E11611 – S0854 E11626 – S0858 E11644 – S0841        E11657 – S0816 E11626 – S0807 E11535 – S0818 E11519RMK: VA HEIGHT REMAINS AT FL300 IN THE VICINITY OF THE        VOLCANO. VA CONTINUES TO BE DISPERSED IN MULTI-DIRECTION.        THE ASH FALLING BELOW FL200 IS MOVING IN A MORE SOUTHERLY        DIRECTION. NXT ADVISORY: NO LATER THAN 20171127/0550Z

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