Air Traffic Procedures For The Masters 2024


Air traffic procedures for the Masters 2024

UAS Operations | - 04/05/2024
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The 2024 Masters Golf Tournament gets underway at Augusta National from April 11-14.

Operators should be aware that special air traffic procedures to manage increased traffic, enhance safety, and minimize delays will be in place throughout the week due to the increased demand both in and out of the region.

Traffic management initiatives such as reroutes, miles-in-trail, altitude restrictions, ground stops, and ground delay programs may be required to and from the following airports:

  • Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field (AGS/KAGS)
  • Aiken Municipal (AIK)
  • Daniel Field (DNL)
  • Thomson-McDuffie County Airport (HQU)

The use of ground delay programs and/or ground stops as needed can be expected during times of peak traffic demand.

The FAA Air Traffic Control Tower at Augusta Regional will operate during the following periods:

  • April 7 from 0645-2300 (EDT) and 1045-0300 (UTC)
  • April 8-9 from 0600-2300 (EDT) and 1000-0300 (UTC)
  • April 10-14 from 0600-0000 (EDT) and 1000-0400 (UTC)
  • April 15 from 0530-2300 (EDT) and 0930-0300 (UTC)

For full details of the FAA Special Procedures for Masters 2024, click here.

For more information about the U.S. Masters, visit the official website here.

For support with your flight operations to Augusta, contact UAS Americas