Aurangabad Airport VAAU


Aurangabad Airport VAAU

UAS Operations | - 09/05/2017
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Aurangabad Airport is in the Maharashtra state of India. An ancient and stunning city, it was the capital of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Here’s what you need to know. 

City: Aurangabad Country: India 
Elevation: 1911 FT / 40.0°C  Latitude/longitude: 195152N 0752351E
Airport type: AAI Controlled Mar Var: 1.25°W (1985) /0.017W
Time zone: + 5.30 UTC  Runways: 1
Fuel types: Jet A1 Airport type: No 
Runway length: 2286 x 45 PCN: Tarmac 63 F/C/W/U
Airport slots: Yes  Fire category: CAT-6 
Tower frequency: 122.3 MHZ Ground frequency: 122.3 MHZ

Languages spoken at Aurangabad Airport: Hindi and English

Navaid available: NDB , DME (VOR), DVOR

Lead time for permit approval:

  • Operating Non-PRC: 1 working day for technical landing, 3 working days for load change
  • Operating PRC: 3 working day for technical landing, 7 working days for load change

Airport operating hours:
0015 – 0200 UTC
0645 – 0830 UTC
0930 – 1515 UTC

Extention of watch hours is possible if arranged and paid for in advance.

On the Ground 

Aircraft handled

Airport slots: Approval is required from VAAU APD office

Ramp facilities: GH equipment/ transport / first aid and emergency services are available.

Passenger and crew facilities: There is no GA terminal. You agent should provide baggage assistance and escort guests through CIQ clearance.

Maintainance and hangars: Extremely limited and acquired through a commercial airline.

Parking facilities: Available with pre-approval from APD office. Aircraft should carry towbar on board.

Security: CCTV and airport security – CISF

Customs and Immigration: Not available at VAAU as it is a domestic airport

Alternatives to Aurangabad Airport: VANP, VAID, VABB

Important numbers:

  • Emergency: +91 2402476121 (ATC)
  • Police: +91 0240-2380808 / 2392504
  • Fire: +91 0240 – 2334000 / 2331444 / 2340011 – 14
  • Customs (terminal manager): +91 2402476147
  • Airport authority: +91 2402476121
  • AIS: +91 2402476121
Tourist Information 


The climate of Aurangabad is temperate with low humidity and diverse weather conditions. Aurangabad has three seasons: Summer, Winter, and Monsoon.

Summer lasts from March to May with average temperatures of 37°C to 21°C. Winter lasts from November to February with average temperatures of 22°C to 10°C. Monsoon lasts from June to October and see moderate rainfall of 91cm on average.


  • Visitors are advised to follow their planned schedule with a pre-appointed guide
  • Use hotel transport and avoid unnecessary night travel
  • Be wary of strangers
  • Don’t wear expensive items or jewelry


  • Ajanta Caves (UNESCO world heritage site)
  • 2Ellora Caves
  • Devgiri Fort
  • Ghrishneshwar Temple
  • Pitalkhora Caves

Accommodation close to Aurangabad Airport:

  • Welcome Hotel Rama International
  • Ajanta Ambassador
  • Lemon Tree
  • Vits
  • Vivanta by Tai
  • Windsor Castle

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