Balancing Spiritual And Mental Wellbeing


Balancing spiritual and mental wellbeing

Omar Hosari | - 03/30/2021
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The pursuit of holistic health has become quite an obsession across many generations over recent years. While there’s little doubt that we’re at our best when we achieve wellbeing across all areas of our lives, striking the right balance between spiritual, mental, and physical health can be a big challenge. Mental wellbeing is about being able to solve problems effectively, work productively, and make a positive contribution while coping with the normal stresses of life; it is contentment and satisfaction with ourselves and the world around us. Spiritual wellbeing is a result of exploring the deeper questions of life to attain a stronger appreciation of ourselves and the natural forces in existence, raising our consciousness to something greater. Combined, they elevate our experiences of the world and help us best contribute towards the betterment of society. These four maxims have helped me find equilibrium in my spiritual and mental awareness and wellbeing, maybe they can help you too.

Know yourself

The first step to balanced mental and spiritual wellbeing is to understand exactly what that means to you. Understanding your personal desires and the level of engagement you want to have is crucial and calls for some interior examination. What are your values as an individual? What do you want to achieve in your professional and personal life? What types of skills do you need to develop? What do you want your spiritual life to look like? How much time can you dedicate to it? Consider these questions carefully; the answers will help you create a roadmap to get you to where you want to be.

Prioritize yourself

Now that you know where you want to go, you must ensure you give yourself the opportunity to get there. This means taking the time and putting yourself first. Make sure you get enough rest, exercise, and alone time to think. This can be difficult when we have families and demanding workloads, it can be tempting to throw yourself 100% into your passions but in order to be the most competent leader, entrepreneur, or professional, and be in good balance, you must take care of yourself first.

Stay informed

Intellectual curiosity is a major component of awareness and wellbeing as it drives and challenges us to constantly learn more and become better. It’s always been a natural instinct of mine to keep abreast of current affairs, innovations, and human endeavors. It’s also vital to challenge your own biases by reading widely and exposing yourself to arguments and points of view you don’t necessarily agree with. This doesn’t diminish your certainty in yourself but helps you to discover deeper meaning in the world around you.

Act purposefully

Knowledge and curiosity are toothless without execution and exploration. Be sure to take massive action when it comes to your greatest purposes and passions. This is especially true when you fear failure for it is the ultimate opportunity for learning. We have to try to make things better – to raise standards in your organization, your industry, and your community. Action also demonstrates our mental and spiritual integrity.

When it comes to making any positive change in our lives, it’s best to start small and set achievable, realistic goals. Then, over time, your efforts will compound. Good luck with your journey to better spiritual and mental wellbeing!

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