Biju Patnaik International Airport VEBS


Biju Patnaik International Airport VEBS

Karan Sharma | - 04/13/2018
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Biju Patnaik International Airport VEBS: Serving the city of Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Odisha, and sometimes referred to as The Temple City of India, Biju Patnaik International Airport is a popular gateway for tourists. Here’s your airport guide to Biju Patnaik, often referred to as Bhubaneswar Airport.

Cities: Bhubaneshwar   Country:  India 
Elevation: 138ft.    Latitude/longitude:  N20°14.80′ /   E85°49.12′
Timezone: UTC+05:30   PRP:  No
AOE:  Yes   No. of runways:  4 
Fire category:  CAT 6   Longest runway:  2743 x 45m
Tower frequency:  125.15   PCN:  62/R/B/W/T     for apron
On the Ground

Airport location: 3km from Bhubaneshwar center

Languages at Pune: English, Hindi

Opening hours: 

  • Monday-Friday 0400-1200 UTC (0930-1730) IST
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: Nil
Operational Information
  • Private flights require overflight and landing permits
  • Non-scheduled commercial flights require overflight and landing permits
  • An application to India DGCA must be made with all required documentation to secure permit approval

Lead time for permit approval: 

  • Three working days from non-PRC countries
  • Seven working days from PRC countries

Types of aircraft handled: A320, B737

Number of aircraft handled: 50 

Navaid available: DVOR, ILS, NDB, DME 

Terminal capacity: 4 million passengers per annum

Cargo capacity: Nil

Fuel types: Jet A1, AVGAS, 100LL/ Oil MJO II

Customs: Available

Alternative airports: VECC, VERC

Important numbers: 

  • Airport Authority: 674 – 2596300 (APD-O), 2596322 (ATM-O)
  • Police:  0674 259 0192

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Tourist Information


A tropical savanna climate means summers in Bhubaneswar (March to June) are hot and humid. May and June are dry months with top temperatures exceeding 40 °C (104 °F). Winter takes place between December and January with lowest temperatures of about to 15–18 °C (59–64 °F).

Security: Bhubaneswar is generally safe and secure


  • Lingaraja Temple
  • Museum of Tribal Art
  • Mukteswara Temple

For support with your operations to Bhubaneswar, contact UAS India