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Flight Ops To Cairo – Aviation Africa


Flight Ops to Cairo – Aviation Africa

Ahmad Ammar | - 04/05/2018
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Flight Ops to Cairo – Aviation Africa: Aviation Africa gets underway in Cairo, Egypt on April 17. Here are the operational details for Cairo International Airport, details of Egyptian immigration, and accommodation and transport in the airport environs. 

Cairo International Airport
  • IATA code: CAI
  • ICAO code: HECA
  • Coordinates: 30.1124° N, 31.4003° E
  • Elevation: 116 m
  • Magnetic variation: 4° East
  • Fuel types: Jet A-1 
Operational Information

Private Flights

  • Landing permits are required for private flights
  • The ECAA final approvals are secured within 24 hours from the date of submission including all passengers and crew information and passport details
  • Overflight permits are required
  • It is not necessary to indicate the identity of passengers and/or crew on board, but complete flight information and itinerary is necessary
  • The validity of landing permits and overflights is the date of operation only
    If the flight origin, destination, and/or day of operation changes, a re-validation process is required
  • For landing, the approval needs re-validation if there is a change in passengers or crew information

Non-Scheduled Flights

  • Same as private flights but the contacts of the receiving body and sponsors are also required
  • Processing time for landing permits is around 72 hours and overflight permits is 24 hours


  • There are no parking restrictions for HECA
  • Reserved parking bays at the uniform area adjacent to the GA terminal are available for business jets and VIP aircraft planning to stop overnight
  • Parking bays located directly beside the GA terminal are reserved with priority for aircraft coming for quick stops such as to drop-off or pick-up passengers

There are no significant NOTAMs

Fuel Service

A jet fuel hydrant system is not supported, so aircraft must refuel through available fuel tankers brought directly upon arrival or at an agreed time prior to departure.

Egyptian Immigration

Non-EU passengers

  • Several Asian, African, and other nationalities require pre-visas before entering Egypt, for instance; Tunisian, Moroccan, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, South African, and some others
  • It’s highly recommended to check with the aircraft’s handler at least one week prior to arrival indicating the nationalities of arriving passengers so they could directly provide clear entry instructions

EU Passengers

  • Visa can be obtained upon arrival
  • The entry visa is valid for one entry only and valid for one month
  • Turkish passengers traveling from the EU require a pre-visa

Non-EU Crew

  • Several Asian, African and other nationalities require pre-visas before entering Egypt, however, there’s a possibility to organize express approval for a limited duration with a normal visa on arrival by means of a special guarantee letter submitted through the aircraft handler
  • It’s highly recommended to check with the aircraft handler 48-hours prior to arrival indicating the nationalities of arriving crew members so they could directly assess which of these will enter normally and which will enter with the presence of a handler guarantee

EU Crew 

  • Visa can be obtained upon arrival
  • The entry visa is valid for one entry only and valid for one month

Egypt entry visa costs $25 USD.

Aviation Africa

The two-day event will consist of a summit and exhibition featuring over 70 aerospace companies. This year’s theme ‘Securing Strategy for Africa’s Success’ will focus on the key drivers to grow business and opportunities across Africa.

For more information on Aviation Africa, click here 


Hotels near the airport

  • Le Meridian Cairo Airport Hotel
  • Le Passage Cairo Airport Hotel
  • Novotel

Hotels near the event

  • Intercontinental City Stars Hotel
  • Holiday Inn
Ground Transport
  • It is highly recommended to ask the aircraft’s handler for VIP Chauffeur service or normal limousine/minivan 24 hours prior to arrival as taxis are not available
  • There are no bus or rail links

For support with your Flight Operations to Cairo, contact UAS 

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