Canada Resumes Processing CANPASS Applications


Canada Resumes Processing CANPASS Applications

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The Canada Border Services Agency CBSA has resumed processing CANPASS applications— operators have until October 1 to apply.

CANPASS Corporate Aircraft and CANPASS Private Aircraft speed up border crossings for frequent, low-risk, pre-approved U.S. travelers arriving in Canada.

Applications submitted after March 2020 do not need to be submitted again.

Operators are being advised to apply as soon as possible as delays are expected due to an accumulated backlog.

Click here to visit the CBSA website.

Meanwhile, all travelers into Canada, including crew, must now be vaccinated, even though crew had been originally exempted.

Vaccination information must be uploaded on the ArriveCAN website or app 72 hours ahead of the flight.

Flight crews must submit ArriveCAN codes for all travelers to the CBSA CANPASS program between two and 48 hours ahead of their flight into Canada.

Aircraft occupants will not be allowed to disembark without presenting a clearance number on arrival.

For support with your flight operations to Canada, contact UAS Americas