Changi Restrictions Singapore Airshow 2022


Changi Restrictions Singapore Airshow 2022

UAS Operations | - 02/14/2022
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The Singapore Airshow gets underway from February 15-18 and will be visited by government and military delegations, as well as aviation executives from all over the world.

There will be an exhibition and flying displays that will close Singapore Changi airspace to non-participating aircraft at certain hours.

The airspace to be closed is bounded by the following coordinates:

012517N 1035814E, thence clockwise along the Singapore / Kuala Lumpur FIR boundary, 012017N 1040522E, 011707N 1035618E, 011835N 1035658E, thence anti-clockwise along the eastern coastline of Singapore, 012254N 1035707E and 012517N 1035814E.

The vertical limits of the airspace closure will be from Ground / Sea Level up to 10,000ft AMSL.

It is anticipated that many flights will arrive at and depart from Singapore Changi Airport shortly before and after each airport and airspace closure period.

To avoid the possibility of flights being delayed until after the airport and airspace are re-opened, aircraft operators are advised to plan their flights to arrive or depart Singapore Changi Airport well before the closure times.

Aircraft operators are advised to take into consideration possibilities of airborne delay and plan for sufficient fuel for at least 20 minutes of holding.

ATFM measures, where necessary, will be in place to regulate the air traffic flow to match the prevailing capacity prior to and after the re-opening of Singapore Changi Airport.

When the ATFM ground delay program is implemented, flights arriving at Singapore Changi Airport that are issued with a Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) shall comply with the restriction.

The compliance window of minus 5 / plus 10 minutes will be measured for CTOT.

To ensure an orderly flow of traffic arriving at Singapore Changi Airport, flights that are non-compliant or not part of the ground delay program may expect delays, subject to real-time traffic.

Flying Displays

  • Tuesday, 15 Feb 22 0430 – 0607
  • Wednesday, 16 Feb 22 0330 – 0437
  • Thursday, 17 Feb 22 0330 – 0446
  • Friday, 18 Feb 22 0330 – 0439

For more information on the Singapore Airshow, click here.

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