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Omar Husary
Omar Hosari

Chief Executive Officer

As UAS International Trip Support Co-founder and CEO, Omar Hosari’s vision and expertize is central to UAS’ growth from a handful of employees into a global network over the past 17 years. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and aviation inherited from his father, Hisham, who was among the first pioneers instrumental in the development of civil aviation infrastructure of the Middle East during the 1950s.
Mr. Hosari is responsible for developing and implementing strategic goals and objectives that contribute to UAS’ position as an industry leader as well as solidify his own reputation as a top aviation expert. Mr. Hosari specializes in establishing, managing and developing global enterprises. He is also President of the Husary Group, an organization that oversees a diverse portfolio of holdings and subsidiary companies. A born-entrepreneur, he has also founded and led several successful business initiatives in a broad range of industries. These credentials have made Mr. Hosari a recognized business aviation expert as well as a sought-after media commentator on a broad range of entrepreneurial and aviation issues. In 2018, he was named one of the Best 100 Arab CEOs.
Mr. Hosari has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Science and Management, a Master’s of Science, Aviation, as well as an EMBA from Hult International Business School.

Mohammed Husary
Mohammed Husary

Executive President

As Executive President, Mohammed Husary sits at the helm of UAS International Trip Support. He is also Co-Founder of the now global organization that he began building seventeen years ago while in his early twenties.

Since childhood, Mr. Husary has been immersed in aviation. His father, Hisham, was a pioneer of aviation in the 1950s, instrumental in the development of civil aviation infrastructure in many countries in the Middle East. This drive and passion passed from father to son.

A pioneering aviation expert and corporate strategist, Mr. Husary is responsible for formulating and implementing UAS’s corporate strategy, global growth and service sustainability. He is a frequent keynote speaker on industry issues at international events and a media contributor on topics from aviation safety, international standards and operations development to executive management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

It’s this constant quest for furtherance and refusal to be bound by the status-quo that has made him a recognized thought leader within the industry.

Believing strongly in serving the wider community, both as a business and a social entrepreneur, Mr. Husary sponsors a wide range of philanthropic social initiatives. He is also Chairman of the Husary Group, overseeing a portfolio of diverse holdings and subsidiary companies, and an affiliate member in the Royal Aeronautical Society in the UK, selected as an honored member of the Who’s Who historical society in 2005.

He holds an EMBA from Hult International Business School.