Restrictions For Dubai Air Show 2017 – Al Maktoum International Airport


Restrictions for Dubai Air Show 2017 – Al Maktoum International Airport

Maanmohan Singh | - 10/25/2017
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Restrictions for Dubai Air Show 2017 – Al Maktoum International Airport: Dubai Air Show gets underway at Al Maktoum International Airport from Sunday, November 12 – Thursday, November 16. Here are the airport restrictions in place for this year. 

Slot requests for visiting aircraft are currently being processed on a first-come, first-served basis with all expected to be finalised on November 1.

Participating aircraft must be exhibited for the full duration of the air show.

Rehearsal times: The flying display rehearsal will take place on Saturday, November 11 from the 1400 – 1500 local time.

Flying display: The official flying displays will take place daily throughout the show week between 1400 – 1500 local time.

Provisional times for the closures at Al Maktoum:

Day/Date Closure Start Closure End Reason
Wednesday 08/11/17 1000L 1200L Validation
Wednesday 08/11/17 1500L 1700L Validation
Thursday 09/11/17 1000L 1200L Validation
Thursday 09/11/17 1500L 1700L Validation
Friday 10/11/17 1000L 1200L Validation
Friday 10/11/17 1500L 1700L Validation
Saturday 11/11/17 1400L 1700L Full Rehearsal
Sunday 12/11/17 1400L 1700L Show day
Monday 13/10/17 1400L 1700L Show day
Tuesday 14/10/17 1400L 1700L Show day
Wednesday 15/10/17 1400L 1700L Show day
Thursday 16/10/17 1400L 1700L Show day


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