International Trip Planning Tips – Part 2


International trip planning tips – part 2

UAS Americas | - 11/04/2020
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There is no such thing as a straight-forward trip post-COVID-19. Regulatory complexities and service availability are constantly changing all over the globe. So, here are some trip support tips for operators from the UAS Americas team.

Full transparency

  • Ensure your passengers are fully aware of potential changes that may occur over the course of the trip
  • Ensure your crew is fully aware of regulatory requirements and limitations
  • Ensure you allow ample time for processing permits and customs clearances
  • Ensure all visa requirements are known well in advance as visas on arrival have been suspended in most countries
  • COVID-19 requirements can vary on a daily occurrence for any given country – keep in mind that required documentation could vary over the course of planning
  • Be prepared for potential repositions due to limited services

Know what to expect from your ground handlers

  • Verify if your preferred ground agent is still in business. If not, is this a temporary or permanent closure?
  • Verify operational hours
  • Is credit still available? What are the current payment requirements? Is cash or credit card on hand required?
  • Are customs available as published?
  • Are standard services still available? Are VIP operations still available?
  • What is fuel availability? Is fuel available at all hours? Is supply limited? Can this be obtained on credit?
  • Are there any government restrictions on curfews and does this affect operational hours and/or the services available?
  • Are there any restrictions on catering? (for both arrivals and departures)

 COVID-19 test requirements

  • Know the requirements for each country you are visiting
  • Ensure any PCR testing requirements are exactingly adhered to
  • For extended flights to multiple countries, ensure you know if multiple testing is required and that you’re aware of where those can be facilitated in foreign countries
  • Know the documentation requirements for foreign countries to accept test results
  • Be prepared for positive test results
  • Know the quarantine requirements and strictly adhere to them

Crew swaps – GA vs. Commercial

  • Entry requirements vary for airline arrivals versus coming in as crew on a private aircraft
  • Know the requirements for the respective country and the crew
  • Ensure you obtain requirements for the respective nationality of your crew
  • Some countries will allow the crew swap, but you need to have particular paperwork and it does take some time and planning
  • Again, ensure you know the PCR test requirements and are aware of potential quarantine restrictions

Ground stay – minimums and maximums

  • Ensure you know what the minimum and maximum ground times are at your destination – these can and have likely changed post COVID-19
  • Are all parking bays being utilized?
  • Verify if RONs are available
  • Are there any restrictions on hotels for crew usage?

For support with your international trip planning, contact UAS