Employee Engagement- The Great Motivator


Employee Engagement- the Great Motivator

Omar Hosari | - 03/14/2017
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Employee Engagement- the Great Motivator: Employee engagement is a great motivator and crucial to the success of any global organization. When an employee is engaged, they are enthusiastic about their work, connected to their team and proud of their company brand. There are different ways to achieve positive employee engagement, but one of the most impactful is through recognition.

Sincerely recognizing the stand-out efforts of employees communicates to them that their work is noticed and their contribution is highly valued. Recognition can be for teams or individuals and can be formal – taking place monthly, annually, or both – or informal, taking place when it’s merited. An example of this would be after a particularly pressurized project for a certain department when expectations are surpassed. Recognition also enhances the quality of performance management.

Honoring outstanding performance brings multiple benefits, both for individual staff members and the entire organization as a whole. Acknowledging the impact of an individual employee or team that embodies the organization’s goals and values in their work and attitude increase morale massively. When employees know that their work is valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they become more motivated to maintain and improve their efforts. Another great outcome is that work-related stress and absenteeism decrease.

Recognizing great work also leads to better departmental communication and knowledge exchange as it inspires a culture of togetherness among different teams and departments. The value of having ‘one global team’ as opposed to different locations thinking independently means better teamwork and a more supportive and united organization.

This type of employee engagement also gives members of the organization a sense of ownership in the workplace, and this, in turn, enhances loyalty and employee retention. It increases the bond employees feel with management and vice versa.

Appreciation is a basic human need, and encouraging outstanding contributions paves the way for future outstanding contributions. Successful employee engagement results in the best workplace environment and conditions for employees to give their best each day. The result is that employees are more committed to their organization’s goals and values, more motivated to contribute to organizational success and experience enhanced career satisfaction.