How To Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations


How to Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations

Omar Hosari | - 05/16/2017
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Executive Insight

How to Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations: Ensuring you have fully satisfied customers is the only way to survive and thrive in business. Whatever industry you operate in or whether you’re providing services or producing products for your customers, here are four simple steps to can ensure you consistently exceed client expectations:

1.      Understand the market

The first step is achieving a thorough understanding of the market in which you operate. This isn’t accomplished overnight, but over time through sustained operational experience, analysis of current trends and the impact of past events, and by considering the evolving demands of stakeholders on all sides. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to properly advise your client.

2.      Listen to each client

It’s not possible to solve your clients’ problems if you don’t know what those problems are. The only way to find out is by listening carefully. This should be an obvious statement; however, many customers complain that salespeople often try to sell them things they don’t really need. Proactive listening is vital to uncover your clients’ unique requirements, their particular concerns, their non-negotiable priorities, etc. Strong relations and trust play a vital role in this step- without trust, no meaningful communication can take place.

3.      Focus on solutions

Once you have identified exactly what your client requires, focus on creating a package of solutions that accommodated this perfectly. Services are what they are, but solutions are customized for individuals, meaning that well thought-out solution provision is a unique service in itself. Simply providing a selection of services without tailoring them to clients’ specific needs won’t get the great results your clients require.

4.      Execute superbly

A great plan without thorough execution won’t bring great results, and this is where the vast experience and expertise of your employees comes into play. Since you have defined the individual client need and formulated a customized solution, it’s now imperative that your team delivers to these exact specifications. Attention to detail is vital, as is the ability of your experts to think on the spot and respond to any unforeseen issues that may arise. Superb execution means handling any problems that occur in a way that doesn’t impact your client in any way. This is the test of skill and experience, and with this ability, great execution is possible.