Flight Operations To 2018 British Open
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Flight Operations to 2018 British Open

Joseph Abayasekara | - 06/25/2018
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Flight Operations to 2018 British Open: The 2018 Open Championship – the 147th Open  Championship – will take place from July 19–22 at one of the world’s most challenging links courses, Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland. Here’s what operators need to know to access Aberdeen, Inverness, and Dundee Airports. 

Aberdeen International Airport
  • Coordinates: N57-12.2/W002-11.9
  • Elevation: 215ft/66m
  • Fuel: AVGAS, Jet 
  • Time zone: UTC 
Airport Information 
  • Location: Dyce, Aberdeen
  • Longest hard-surface runway: 6407 x 151ft/1953/46m
  • Runway surface: Asphalt, grooved
  • Runway ID: 16/34
  • Airport type: Civil
  • AOE: Yes
  • Number of stands: 13
  • Maximum aircraft size: B767
  • PCN: 056fbxt
  • Fire category: 7
  • Customs availability: Yes
  • US Customs Pre-Clearance: No
  • Slots Required: Yes
  • DST: Yes (Last Sun in Mar 0100Z to last Sun in Oct 0100Z)
  • DST Start Date: 25.Mar.2018
  • DST End Date: 28.Oct.2018
  • Airport hours: 0500-2130Z, O/T PPR
  • Control tower hours: 0500-2130Z
  • Distance from the city: 9km NW

For more information on Aberdeen Airport, click here 

Inverness Airport 
  • Coordinates: N57-32.6/W004-02.9 
  • Elevation: 31ft/9m 
  • Fuel type: AVGAS, Jet  
  • Timezone: UTC
Airport Information 
  1. Longest hard-surface runway: 6191 x 151ft / 1887 x 46M
  2. Runway surface: Asphalt, grooved
  3. Runway ID: 05/23
  4. Airport type: Civil
  5. AOE: No
  6. PCN: 040FCXT
  7. Fire category: 6
  8. Customs: Yes
  9. US Customs Pre-Clearance: No
  10. Slots Required: No
  11. DST: Yes (Last Sun in Mar 0100Z to last Sun in Oct 0100Z)
  12. Airport Hours: Win: Mon: 0630-2200, Tue-Fri: 0245-2200, Sat: 0245-2045, Sun: 0630-2200L. AeroDrome (a/d) need PPR
  13. Control Tower Hours: As per A/D
  14. Distance from the city: 13km   

For more information on Inverness Airport, click here

Dundee Airport
  • IATA: DND 
  • Coordinates: N56-27.2/W003-01.6
  • Elevation: 17ft/5m
  • Fuel types: AVGAS and Jet 
  • Timezone: UTC 
Airport Information  
  • Longest Hard-Surface Runway: 4593 x 98ft / 1400 x 30M
  • Runway Surface: Asphalt, grooved
  • Runway ID: 09/27
  • Airport type: Civil
  • AOE: No
  • PCN: 030FCyT
  • Fire category: 4
  • Customs: Yes
  • US Customs Pre-Clearance: No
  • Slots Required: No
  • DST: Yes (Last Sun in Mar 0100Z to last Sun in Oct 0100Z)
  • Airport Hours: Mon-Fri: 0645-0245lt, sat: 0900-1645lt, sun: 0915-2015lt over time on request (o/t o/r) aerodrome (ad) need PPR
  • Control tower hours: As airport working hours (w/h)
  • Distance from the city: 1km

For more information on Dundee Airport, click here

Visit the official website of Carnoustie Golf Links, click here 

For support with your Flight Operations to the British Open 2018, contact UAS