Oman Airport Authorities To Open Airport For Crew Rest


Oman Airport Authorities to open airport for crew rest

UAS Operations | - 09/14/2020
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Oman Airports and Public Authority for Civil Aviation have announced that crew rest is now possible at Muscat International Airport (OOMS).

There is no crew rest at Salalah International Airport (OOSA) as the airport hotel is unavailable.

Crew rest will be considered by Oman Authorities after studying the request and will be approved or disapproved based on necessity for crew rest and duty limitations.

Operating crew with approved crew rest from Oman Authorities will be allowed to rest at Aerotel hotel at OOMS, however, crew members will not be allowed to leave the airport according to authority regulations.

Technical stops for refueling remains possible at both Muscat International Airport (OOMS) and Salalah International Airport (OOSA) and these operations must be quick turnarounds and crew will not be allowed to disembark.

Diplomatic operations, cargo flights, and medevacs continue to operate subject to PACA approval.

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