Flight Operations To Pamplona Spain


Flight Operations to Pamplona Spain

Taimoor Zaib | - 06/20/2018
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Flight Operations to Pamplona Spain: The capital of Navarre province in northern Spain, Pamplona is world-renowned for the Running of the Bulls (the Fiesta of San Fermín) that takes place every July. In 2018, the San Fermin Festival gets underway from July 6-14. Here’s what operators need to know to access Pamplona Airport. 

Pamplona Airport
  • IATA Code: PNA
  • ICAO Code: LEPP
  • Coordinates: N42-46.2 / W001-38.4
  • Marginal variation: 01W
  • Elevation: 1506 ft / 459 m
  • Fuel: AVGAS JET
  • Time Zone Info: UTC+1 (DST+2)
Airport Information
  • Airport type: Civil
  • Airport of Entry: No
  • Fire category: 7
  • Customs: Yes
  • U.S. Customs Pre-Clearance: No
  • Slots Required: No
  • Handling Mandatory: Yes
  • DST: Yes (Last Sunday in March 0100Z to last Sunday in October 0100Z)
  • Open 24 Hours: Restricted, Airport operation hours in summer 0430-2145Z and winter 0530-2245Z, extensions on special request
  • Longest hard surface runway (Ft.): 7890 x 148, 15/33
  • Runway surface: Asphalt
  • Distance from Pamplona: The airport is situated 6km from the city center
Operational Information
  • Private flights do not require overflight or landing permits
  • Foreign aircraft with restricted authorization require permission to enter and operate in Spain; however, a prior permission is not required for self-constructed aircraft registered in ECAC-member states
  • Overflight permit is not required for aircraft holding standard airworthiness certificate
  • Landing permits are required for commercial operations
  • Standard aircraft documents are required for Landing permit application

For details on Spanish Customs and Immigration, click here 


Hotels near the airport:

AC Marriott Pamplona

  • Tel: +34 948 266011
  • Driving time from the airport: 10 minutes

AC Marriott Zizur Mayor

  • Tel: +34 948 287119
  • Driving time from the airport: 10 minutes

Holiday Inn Exp Pamplona

  • Tel: +34 948 293293
  • Driving time from the airport: 5 minutes

Hotel Blanca De Navarra

  • Tel: +34 948 171010
  • Driving time from the airport: 10 minutes

B0908/18 NOTAMR B0454/18

  1. Q) LECM/QLTXX/IV/BO /A /000/999/4246N00139W005
  2. A) LEPP B) 1802191211 C) 1803022330 EST

B3034/18 NOTAMR B2970/18

  1. Q) LECM/QLTAS/IV/BO /A /000/999/4246N00139W005
  2. A) LEPP B) 1805291139 C) 1806182300 EST

For more information on the Pamplona Fiesta, click here

For support with your Flight Operations to Pamplona Spain, contact UAS