Flight Operations To Hong Kong


Flight Operations to Hong Kong

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Flight Operations to Hong Kong: Hong Kong, the dynamic urban center and financial hub, is a hugely popular destination for both business and leisure visitors. Slots at VHHH are in high demand so here’s some important info for operators planning missions…

Hong Kong International Airport
  • IATA Code: HKG
  • ICAO Code: VHHH
  • Latitude/ Longitude: N 22° 18.5′ E113° 54.9′
  • Magnetic Variation: 1.9°W
  • Elevation: 28′ (9m)
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+8:00 no DST
Operational Information
  • Slots can only be obtained through a centralized slot coordination system
  • A copy of the landing permit for charter operations must be supplied to obtain a slot
  • Handling through HKBAC will be confirmed only after a copy of the landing permit has been provided and a slot matching the requested schedule and parking arrangements are confirmed
  • Any slots booked on the system and not matching the records of BAPS and handling arrangements will be canceled automatically, and violators will be penalized
  • Repetitive violators will be suspended from the slot coordination system and their access will be restricted
  • Jet A1 is available
  • A passport is necessary for all entering Hong Kong
  • Nationals of almost 170 countries can visit Hong Kong without a visa, duration ranges from seven to 180 days (click here for more details)

Baggage Clearance: 

All baggage is cleared at Hong Kong International Airport with the exemption of the baggage of transit passengers which can be labeled to the final destination provided the onward flight is within 24 hours.

For support with your flight operations to Hong Kong, contact UAS China