Flight Ops To Orlando MRO Americas


Flight Ops to Orlando MRO Americas

Michael Prather | - 03/28/2018
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Flight Ops to Orlando MRO Americas: MRO Americas gets underway in Orlando, Florida from April 10-12. Taking place at the Orange County Convention Center, the conference will cover areas like IT, logistics, technology, interiors, personnel, parts, services, consultants, repairs, training, equipment. Here’s the ops info you need to organize a mission to Orlando. 

Orlando International Airport
  • Latitude / Longitude: N28-25.8/W081-18.5
  • Magnetic Variation: 06W
  • Elevation: 96 ft.
  • Time Zone: UTC –5 hours (DST -4 hours)
  • Fuel types: Jet / Avgas
Operational Information 
  • Overflight and landing permits are generally not required for private and non-scheduled flights. However, it’s advisable to always check TSA requirements to be certain
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Route Authorization for landing and overflying is required for aircraft registered in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, and Syria
  • Border Overflight Exemption is required when flying from Southern Americas region to a destination within the USA or Canada
  • Permit to Proceed is required for commercial category ops when operating domestic sectors – relates to cabotage concerns
  • All operations must have confirmed handling and parking, CBP must be notified in advance and a full APIS crew and pax manifest filed in advance of aircraft’s arrival
  • If aircraft is carrying Head of State or high-ranking government officials, U.S. Department of State approval is required
  • There are no parking restrictions at this time, but any operation to KORL will likely be restricted to those aircraft participating in the static display only

NOTAMs: There is no NOTAM at this time.

For more information about MRO Americas Orlando, click here

For support with your Flight Ops to Orlando, contact UAS Americas