Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara


Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

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Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara  – With its unspoiled natural beauty, stunning ocean views, and secluded atmosphere, Jericoacoara is a no-brainer addition to our Hidden Gems destination list. 

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara (or Jeri, as it is affectionately known) is a small Brazilian beach resort. This coastal paradise offers huge dunes of powder sand, endless beaches, and awe-inspiring views. Once just a tiny, remote fishing village, today Jeri is a mecca for sailing enthusiasts, beach goers, and all-kinds-of surfing lovers from all over the globe. It is perfectly preserved; an environmentally protected area since 1984 and the surrounding area was declared a National Park in 2002. Isolated and quite removed from the modern world, Jeri is one of those idyllic places where many voyagers end up staying much longer than originally planned.  

“Jericoacoara is often listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world, consisting of virgin white sands, turquoise lagoons, rolling sand dunes”  

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

The location 

Jericoacoara is in the northeastern state of Ceará, some 300 km west of Fortaleza, close to the eastern tip of Brazil.  

The people 

Jericoacoara has a population of just over 20,000 people characteristically warm, relaxed, and welcoming.  

The climate  

Jericoacoara has a tropical climate. Temperatures don’t vary much; visitors can expect highs of 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees F) with lows of about 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees F) all year round. 

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara


Up until about 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was still a secluded and small fishing village, but today, this is one of the most visited tourist beaches in Brazil, by both international and Brazilian visitors.  

Best time to visit 

Jeri is wonderful at any time of year, however, from July to December there is less chance of rain and better wind for those who love kite and windsurfing.   

What makes Jericoacoara  unique  

Jericoacoara is remote and getting there can be challenging. It takes about six hours to get from the closest city Fortaleza to Jericoacoara by car with the last four hours of the journey taking place off-road, among dunes and along a beach.  

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

What to do in Jericoacoara   

  • Pedra Furada 
  • Sunset Dune 
  • Church of Our Lady of Consolation 
  • Serrote rock formation  
  • Jericoacoara lighthouse 

Flying private to Jericoacoara  

Why not charter a private jet to take you directly to Jericoacoara and guarantee a seamless and stress-free experience? Customize your trip to your exact requirements and tailor your itinerary to reflect your personal preferences.  

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

Entry airport  

Jericoacoara Airport (officially names Comte. Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport) is just a 33km journey away from the town. Currently, only domestic flights can land at the airport. It is located in the adjoining municipality of Cruz. 

Jericoacoara Airport 

  • IATA Code: JJD 
  • ICAO Code:  SBJE 
  • Coordinates:  S02-54.4/W040-21.5  
  • Elevation 27 FT 
  • Runway length:  7218 x 148, 08/26  
  • Fuel:  JAT-A 

Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport 

The closest international airport, Fortaleza–Pinto Martins is located in Fortaleza, 300km from Jeri. 

  • IATA Code: FOR 
  • ICAO Code:  SBFZ 
  • Coordinates:  S03-46.6/W038-31.9  
  • Elevation 82FT 
  • Runway length:  9039 x 148, 13/31  
  • Fuel:  AVGAS JET  

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

Operational information   

  • Private flights require landing permits  
  • A single landing permit takes up to two hours to be issued  
  • Multiple landing permits take up to 48 hours to be issued after appliance with all the correct documents 
  • Part 135 is the same, for aircrafts with more than 19 seats or cargo permits can take around 10 business days to be issued  
  • Parking is available   

Commercial flights 

Pinto Martins has direct flights to 11 international destinations. 


Brazil requires visitors to hold an entry and exit card to be presented in Brazilian airports. The new model is available as an editable file here. 

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

Health screening   

There are no vaccination or PCR requirements for visitors to Brazil.  

Visitor tips  

  • To preserve its natural beauty, there aren’t any streetlights lining the sandy paths of Jeri so watch your step at night  

Hidden Gems: Jericoacoara

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