Never Tolerate Limiting Beliefs


Never tolerate limiting beliefs

Mohammed Al Husary | - 06/13/2021
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Everything begins with a thought… Thoughts inform our actions, and our actions dictate the results we get in business and in life. Therefore, having the right mindset is crucial to success. Limiting beliefs inspire us to take a negative view of our circumstances and thereby take actions that predict a negative outcome. Limiting beliefs doom us to failure… so never tolerate them. If you are plagued by negativity, it’s time to change the way you think to give yourself the best opportunity for success. Here are a few common limiting beliefs and my tips on how to combat and reverse them.

 “The market’s really bad at the moment”

Probably the most common limiting belief in business is that tough economic circumstances make success impossible. However, challenging times offer the best opportunities. Why? Because businesses must evolve to meet customer demand; this is the essence of providing great solutions. Opportunities lie in change – it’s all about making your offering the best in the market by addressing client pain points, easing their concerns, and solving their problems rapidly and cost-efficiently.

“There’s too much competition out there”

While it is true that no business operates in a vacuum, a typical thought that constantly limits business potential is that the market is too crowded with competitors, making it difficult to stand out. But the reality is, you can distinguish yourself from any competition if you make your offering unique. It’s actually a great thing to have competitors; use it as a challenge to outperform them. Examine ways to improve the quality and efficiency of your products or solutions to distinguish them from that of any of your rivals. You’ll never become a true industry leader without embracing the opportunities that competition brings.

“It simply cannot be done”

Finally, the most damaging thing you can say to yourself, as well as the last thing a true entrepreneur would ever utter! Everything that is being done today was once considered something that couldn’t be done – transatlantic flight, space travel, flying cars, the list is endless! When you have passion and purpose there is no such thing as impossible.

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