New Rules For Doha Slots Ahead Of World Cup


New Rules for Doha Slots Ahead of World Cup

UAS Operations | - 11/02/2022
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Operators are advised that all Slot Booking Deposit (SBDN) applications for both Doha International Airport (IATA: DIA, ICAO: OTBD) and Hamad International Airport (IATA: DOH, ICAO: OTHH) should be placed via the online portal, effective immediately.

This improvement will reduce email transactions and the time required to provide the SBD Number (SBDN), being a key requirement to acquire a slot approval as stipulated in the Local Rules AIRAC AIP Supplement.

In accordance with MATAR Finance instructions:

  1. Applications that have already received Pro-Forma invoices relevant to their intended operations should proceed with payment and expect the SBDN post-completion of the transaction
  2. Applications that have not received a Pro-Forma invoice should follow the link above to complete the process
  3. Applications that have acquired the SBDN, should follow the link above to complete the process for NEW slot requests

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