Opening Date For Istanbul New Airport


Opening Date for Istanbul New Airport

Subhi Sendyan | - 10/21/2018
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Opening Date for Istanbul New Airport: It’s now been announced that Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will officially open for all operations at 2100z on Monday, December 31.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) will not be open for any scheduled/commercial passenger flights after midnight on Saturday, December 29.

Commercial business flights, air taxi flights, private flights, GA flights, diplomatic flights, and maintenance flights will be able to use both LTBA and LTFM airports.

It will be mandatory for all commercial airline flights to operate to LTFM.

For connecting flights from business jets to a commercial airline, it is recommended to use LTFM airport as all commercial and scheduled airlines will operate to and from this airport.

From 0000z on Sunday, December 30 until 2100z on Monday, December 31 there will be transferring of local airline companies will transfer from LTBA to LTFM for all commercial/scheduled flights.

So, expect both airports to have temporary closures and limited capacities at this time.