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Pune International Airport VAPO


Pune International Airport VAPO

Karan Sharma | - 02/05/2018
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Pune International Airport VAPO: Pune is the second city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, West-Central India. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cities: Pune Country: India 
Elevation: 592 Feet  Latitude/longitude: 18° 35’ N / 77° 55’E
Time zone: UTC +5:3h PCN: 110 F/A/X/T
AOE: Yes  Runway length: 2535 meters
Fire category: ATIS Frequency: 127.65
Tower frequency: TWR 123.5, Approach 118.8 Ground frequency: SMC 121.8
On the Ground

Airport location: Approximately 10km north-east of Pune

Languages at Pune: English, Hindi, Marathi

Lead time for permit approval: A minimum of three weeks (Military Clearance)

Types of aircraft handled: Weight limitation of up to 94 tons (94,000 Kg)

Number of aircraft handled: 80 to 90 flights a day

Navaid available: VOR DME and NDB

Terminal capacity: 450 pax for departure and 450 pax for arrival

Equipment availability: All required GSE available for GA aircraft and commercial aircraft

Fuel types: Jet A1

Opening hours: Closed from Sunday-Friday 0130-0500, 1330-1730 and Saturday 0430-1130.

Customs: Yes

Alternative airports: VABB, VAAH

Important numbers: 

  • Airport Authority: +91-20-26685201
  • Airport Information: +91-20-26610136
  • ATC: +91-20-26684434
  • AIS: +91 9552509847
Operational Information
  • Private flights require overflight and landing permits
  • Non-scheduled commercial flights require overflight and landing permits
  • An application to India DGCA must be made with all required documentation to secure permit approval
  • They are processed during working hours, Monday – Friday, 0500-1200 UTC, as the office is officially closed on weekends and public holidays
  • Emergency and air ambulance flights are normally processed within the shortest time possible within or outside of working hours

For more information on Pune Airport, visit

Tourist Information


Pune weather has three seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter. The summer months last from mid-March to June with maximum temperatures of 40°C (this usually occurs in May which is the hottest month). The monsoon period takes place between June and October with moderate rainfall and temperatures ranging from 22 to 28 °C. Winter temperatures average approximately 30-36°C.


  • Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati
  • Sri Balaji Mandir
  • Sarasbaug Ganpati Temple
  • Darshan Museum
  • National War Museum

For support with your operation to Pune, contact UAS India 

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