Relaxed Entry For Japanese Business Visitors


Relaxed Entry for Japanese Business Visitors

UAS Operations | - 11/09/2021
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Passengers on business wishing to visit Japan can now enjoy relaxed entry regulations. All business travelers, regardless of nationality, now only have to quarantine for three days instead of 10 according to a new entry regulation that came into effect on November 8. Applying to both those visiting the country as well as those returning from a business trip abroad, this shortened quarantine requires the traveler to meet certain criteria.

Here are the details…

Business passengers wishing to benefit from a shortened three-day quarantine period must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and under the control of a responsible person, company, or organization that is either the visitors’ employer or someone who has invited the visitor for business or entertainment.

Apples to:

  • Japanese nationals
  • Japan residents who hold a re-entry permit
  • New short-stay visitors on business purposes (for less than 3 months)
  • New long-stay Government-appointed visitors

The following documents must be prepared before the trip:

  • Application form
  • Pledge (visitor / responsible person, company)
  • Action plan
  • Visitor list
  • A copy of the passport of the visitor
  • A copy of the vaccine certificate of the visitor
  • Proof of a negative certificate against COVID-19

Japan Immigration

All foreign passengers who do not live in Japan or are not traveling for business purposes will be denied entry. Passengers holding residence visas are allowed to enter with the following requirements.

  • Prior to arrival a negative certificate against COVID-19 should be obtained within 72hours before departure (only a prescribed format is accepted)
  • The passenger must fill out a web questionnaire and install two apps (MySOS / COCOA)
  • If a passenger doesn’t have their own smartphone to accommodate these apps, they are required to rent a smartphone at the airport
  • On arrival, an Antigen Test (PCR test) will be administered
  • Passengers must sign a written pledge
  • Once in Japan, passengers must not use public transportation
  • They must undergo self-quarantine for 14 days. If vaccinated, a passenger can take a PCR test after ten days and will not be required to self-quarantine for the remaining four days

Additional Quarantine

There are different regulations for passengers arriving from the following countries: Argentina, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia, Suriname, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Nepal, Haiti, Pakistan, Philippines, Brazil, Morocco, Mongolia, Russia (Primorsky Krai, Moscow City).

  • These passengers are required to stay in a government-designated hotel for three days after arrival
  • On the third day, they will be required to take a PCR test again and they are allowed to go back home if they receive a negative result
  • Certificate holders of COVID-19 vaccination will be not required the quarantine at a designated hotel but are required to take the PCR test on the tenth day
  • Passengers arriving from Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, and Venezuela are required to stay at a government-designated hotel for six days after arrival
  • They will then be required to take PCR tests on the third and sixth days and will be allowed to leave the premises only if both test results are negative.
  • Self-quarantine for 14 days is a mandatory requirement


Crew members are allowed to enter Japan with crew visas (shore passes) under the following conditions.

  • Non-use of public transportation
  • Must remain inside their hotel

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