Sustainability For The Environment And The Industry


Sustainability for the environment and the industry

UAS Operations | - 02/17/2020
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Sustainability for the environment and the industry: The global aviation community has demonstrated that it is more serious about tackling climate change than most. It was in 2009 that the entire industry came together and committed to halving CO2 emissions by 2050. Coming together to develop industry-wide goals is something it can be incredibly proud of. And because the goals span four decades and encompass both international and domestic aviation emissions, it provides multiple opportunities for reflection on the impact of this work.

The ongoing development and adoption of SAFs (sustainable aviation fuels) will play a vital role. The use of SAF results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions across its life cycle, meaning even when we consider the emissions produced in growing, harvesting, processing, refining, and transporting it.

But it’s about more than simply emission cuts. Aviation has assumed its role in global economic and social development and is actively creating a more sustainable industry that’s gentler with the earth. That’s why issues such as eliminating single-use plastics, noise impacts and pollution, and tackling wildlife and human trafficking, are now being discussed on an international level. And this is happening in tandem with ever-advancing technology empowering us to become more efficient in our operations.

The entire landscape of our industry is evolving. It’s possible that the progress we make over the next decade is more than we hope for. It’s an exciting time for aviation.