To The Next 75 Years Of NBAA


To the next 75 years of NBAA

Mohammed Al Husary | - 03/22/2022
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2021 was a year of excellent growth in our industry, and the WingX figures from January 2022 confirm activity and demand continue to rise – great news of course, but not without its challenges too. In a recent BNAA ‘News Hour’ webinar that marked the anniversary of the National Business Aviation Association, some of the US’ top experts discussed the BA outlook for 2022. They cited a rapidly growing demand for personnel as a key issue, along with huge MRO backlogs of up to six and eight months, and a decline in maintenance technician pools. It seems that some investment is needed to properly facilitate this continued growth.

Sometimes because of the technological advances inherent in business aviation, we can forget just how established this industry is. It has existed since aircraft became a reliable and sustainable method of transportation. There came a reminder of this on February 13 when the NBAA marked 75 years to the day of its establishment as the Corporation Aircraft Owners Association in 1947.

Today, from Washington DC, NBAA supports companies that rely on general aviation to make their businesses more efficient, productive, and successful. The organization represents over 11,000 companies and professionals and provides more than 100 products and services to the business aviation community in the US, as well as supporting policies that elevate the business aviation agenda worldwide.

Over the years, the NBAA has provided the BA community with accessible and understandable information about technology and operational issues, and of course, the largest civil aviation trade show in the world – NBAA-BACE. NBAA also strives to inspire the next generation of industry leaders, that is why the International Operators Conference scholarship has become a stalwart of the business aviation calendar.

UAS is proud to be a part of the NBAA Leadership Council and to celebrate these 75 years of NBAA and the unity and inclusivity it brings, here’s to the next 75!

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