What 2023 Has Taught Us About BizAv


What 2023 has taught us about BizAv

Mohammed Al Husary | - 12/13/2023
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What 2023 has taught us about BizAv – In late 2022, I wrote about the personnel crisis in aviation. The pandemic had initiated a wave of retirees that left the industry lacking expertise and experience. I have always maintained that we must do all we can to attract youth and talent to aviation through advocacy, scholarships, and by demonstrating the innovation and dynamism our sector is famous for.  In April 2023, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) released data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) showing that the FAA has certificated 2,658 new airline pilots in just the first three months of this year. This increased issuing of commercial pilot licenses showed that pilot production was gaining strength. A great step forward.

I recently wrote about the importance of prioritizing pilot wellness, not only ethically but also as an essential element to ensure optimal aviation safety and performance. Because there are few roles that hold as much responsibility and induce as much mental pressure as that of a pilot, and a pilot that has great overall wellbeing is more likely to make good decisions, maintain situational awareness, and handle unexpected challenges effectively. Read my popular blog on Prioritizing Pilot Wellness here. I am confident that this new generation of pilots will experience more wellbeing support than was ever available before.

2023 turned out to be the year that companies returned to pre-pandemic levels of travel as many companies and industries saw a return to in-person work and less in webinars, and virtual meetings and events. There was little doubt that the desire for in-person interaction was behind the resurgence of travel. This created a boost for airlines and private jet travel, which had one of its best years on record in 2023. And the world’s economy rejoiced.

As did the MROs. New global business jet deliveries in 2023 were 17% higher than 2022, according to Honeywell Global Business Aviation Outlook. We all understand the many benefits of flying privately. There is no competition in commercial travel for the attention to detail and concierge-style experience it provides. At UAS, our White Glove service level demonstrates this. And it is no coincidence that demand for this special level of treatment (via our VIP Supervisors) has grown dramatically in the past year.

Advances in aviation sustainability over the past year have also been remarkable as our community strives to achieve carbon neutrality. And combined with the above, this is a clear indicator that aviation has not just recovered but evolved. So, what 2023 has taught us about BizAv is that we are witnessing a new and exciting period in our industry’s history. Roll on 2024!

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