5 Tips To Make An Organization Client-Centric


5 Tips to Make an Organization Client-Centric

Omar Hosari | - 01/10/2016
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Executive Insight

The highly competitive environment of modern business is constantly forcing companies to imagine new ways of adding more value for their customers and thereby gain and maintain an advantage over the competition. One highly effective method of doing this is to make your organization more client-centric in nature. Here are my five top tips for creating a more client orientated service offering.

Define your company philosophy

From an internal point of view- to be sure you elaborate on the core values that support a client-centric business model. Frequently reinforce these values through discussion; talking about them on a daily basis reinforces their importance in senior management decision-making, departmental focus, and interactions with clients. Maintain this culture internally by constantly asking, ‘how does this decision support a client-centric culture?’

Know your brand promise

Always keep in mind what you want to give your clients, how you will improve their lives and experiences. Put the client at the center of every decision that’s made, every new product or service you are creating. This will ensure you only develop technologies, products, and services around your customers’ needs and specific requirements.

Invest in great customer service

Invest resources to make the relevant personnel as accessible to clients as possible. Since your primary goal to provide the best for your clients, it’s vital that they know that you are reachable, helpful, and flexible at all times. Are you contactable 24/7? Have you developed close relationships with them so you can better anticipate their needs?

Add value

Make providing great value your first and last objective. People are happy to pay for a fantastic service if they know it is worth it. Distinguish yourself from your competitors by providing a more customized, comprehensive, and detail-oriented service. This will results in clients trusting you more as you continue to exceed their demands, and this builds loyalty.

Client feedback

Market research and analysis is helpful in business, however, the feedback of your client is invaluable. Ask for their opinions and details of their experiences through conversations or surveys. Find out exactly how your products and services fit into their lives. Listen to their specific pain points, concerns, and requirements. Learn from this information and use to consistently innovate your offering and make it more customized to their needs.