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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions In Asia & Oceania


Coronavirus Travel Restrictions in Asia & Oceania

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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions in Asia & Oceania: Here are the travel restrictions imposed by countries in the Asia Pacific in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • No international arrivals at ZBAA.
  • No business flights at ZSSS.

For all other airports, if you are flying internationally, one of following documents is required:

  • Sponsor letter issued by the government of the province that indicates the flight details and the reason for the operation
  • Confirmation letter issued by local epidemic prevention department that indicates the flight details and confirms they will accept this flight
  • Guarantee letter issued by the operator (for ferry flights) to indicate the flight details and guarantee that there will be no passengers
  • For all cargo flights picking up medical supplies, it is recommended to go via diplomatic channels

Latest requirements for private/business jet permit application from CAAC on March 31:

A Permit Application:

  1. For flights arranged by the Chinese government, a sponsor letter issued by the provincial government is required to submit with the application.
  2. For normal business/private flights,  landing permit application must be submitted no less than 2 working days ahead of time, accept a letter issued by the Epidemic Prevention office of the destination airport’s government.
  3. For ferry flights, guarantee letter for non-passenger flights issued is required to submit together with application.

B Permit Revision:

  1. For flights arranged by the Chinese government, a revision must be submitted no less than 6 hours ahead of time together with an updated sponsor letter.
  2. For normal business/private flights, revisions must be submitted no less than 1 working day ahead of time together with an updated acceptance letter.
  3. For ferry flights, revisions shall be submitted no less than 6 hours together with an updated guarantee letter.
  4. For flights confirmed cancelled, cancellation must be submitted to CAAC immediately.

C Detailed Requirement:

  1. Sponsor letter or accepting letter must indicate the exact flight schedule, aircraft registry, call sign, crew and passenger numbers (less than 15 passengers only); the guarantee letter must indicate the flight schedule and crew number.
  2. All flights to Beijing and Hubei province has been suspended for now. International flights for normal business/private jets to other cites will be allowed a maximum 5 flights per day.
  3. All units must provide accurate crew and passenger information, fully supporting the local Epidemic Prevention office’s work.
  4. Applicant or operator won’t be allowed to apply for any permit if any falsification has been found with the application, the CAAC reserve the right to revoke the permit in case when destination governments or airport handling units issue temporary restrictions.

These requirements for business/private flight application apply immediately and till further notice.

Hong Kong

All visitors must self-quarantine for 14 days.

Macau SAR

  • All foreign visitors and the residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have been to other countries in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter Macau
  • Visitors who have been to Hong Kong and Taiwan will undergo medical observation in accordance with requirements of the health authority for 14 days
  • These measures are in force from March 25th and there is no date for the lift of the ban
  • All transfer / transit services from Macau International Airport are suspended
  • Visitors who have been to areas with high incidence of covid-19 14 days prior to entering Macau, will undergo medical observation in accordance with requirements of the health authority
  • For now, the areas of high incidence of COVID-19 are Guangdong, Henan, Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shandong, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Beijing, Shanghai. Other areas will under consideration depends on actual situation
  • All visitors on inbound flights are required to complete the SSM health declaration form


  • Visa on arrival suspended for all nationalities.
    Flights arriving from the Middle East, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey are suspended until April 7.
  • Passengers who have been to Europe since March 1 are not allowed to enter Bangladesh until April 7. This does not apply to passengers traveling on diplomatic missions and their family members.
  • Nationals of Europe or Iran who reside outside the EU region or Iran since February 29 may travel to Bangladesh if they have a visa.
  • Passengers who have a valid visa must show a medical certificate indicating that the passenger does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 written in English and obtained within 72 hours of travel.
  • Passengers from Bangladesh without such a medical certificate will be institutionally quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days.
  • Passengers from Bangladesh with such a medical certificate stating they have no symptoms will be home quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days. If the medical certificate states the passenger does have symptoms, they will be institutionally quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days.


Everyone entering the country is required to self isolate for 14 days.

New Zealand

Requiring all people entering the country to self-isolate for 14 days.


  • Anyone who have been in China, Europe, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Spain, or the US in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter
  • Passengers will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days


All visitors with recent travel history to France, Germany, Italy, and Spain within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into or transit.

Singapore residents and pass-holders who have been to those countries in the past 14 days are required to quarantine for two weeks.

Additional precautionary measures for all long-term pass holders who are entering or returning:

  • All ICA issued Long-Term Pass (LTVP) holders, and those who have been grated IPA by ICA for LTVP, will require an approval letter of entry by ICA to gain entry.
  • All Student Pass holders, and those who have been granted IPA by ICA for STP, will require an approval letter of entry by MOE to gain entry.
  • The approval letter is valid for 2 weeks. LTVP and STP holders must produce such approval letter of entry at check-in at the point of departure and to the ICA officer at the checkpoint on their arrival.
  • These passengers will still be required for self-quarantine at home for 14 days.
  • Work Pass holders will still require Ministry of Manpower approval before departing to Singapore.


Valid from March 30 for 30 days:

  • Landing permits issuance has been suspended, unless specifically approved by Authorities.
  • Visas on arrival, Visa Exemption Policy, Tourist visa and eVisa facilities are suspended. Not applicable to crew.
  • Foreigners traveling to Cambodia (including crew) must obtain a visa from Cambodian missions, provide a medical certificate stating negative test results to COVID-19 issued within 72 hours prior to departure They must also provide proof of travel insurance that covers medical expenses of at least 50,000 USD.
  • This does not apply to holders of Diplomatic visas.
  • Arriving foreigners (including crew) will be subject to enhanced health screening by Health Officers before being allowed to enter. They can be subject to mandatory quarantine or self-isolation as prescribed by the health authorities.
  • Operators are prohibited from carrying any passenger with confirmed positive test of COVID-19 into Cambodia.


The government has imposed a nationwide lockdown that came into force March 25 and will be enforced for 21 days.


All foreigners are prohibited from entering and transiting with the following exemptions:

  • Holders of Temporary Stay Permits (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permits (KITAP)
  • Holder of Diplomatic visa or Service Visa
  • Holder of Diplomatic stay permit or Service Stay Permit
  • Medical, food and humanitarian aid support workers
  • Crew Members
  • Foreigner traveling for essential work for national strategic projects

Foreigners covered by the exemptions must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide a certificate of health (in English) issued by authorities from the port of embarkation
  • Have stayed for 14 days in areas which are not affected by COVID-19 outbreak (evidences must be presented)
  • Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 days in facilities provided by the Government


Suspended all domestic scheduled and non-scheduled chartered and private aircraft passenger flight operations until April 11.

Cargo and special flights subject to necessary clearance are exempt.


Banned entry for foreign travelers coming from countries that have been affected by the virus within the past 14 days.


  • Visas on arrival, tourist visas, eVisas, and the Visa Exemption Scheme (except for holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports) are suspended until further notice (including crew members).
  • Visa issuance for other purposes is still allowed is processed through Lao diplomatic missions.
  • Landing permit issuance is suspended until April 4.
  • This does not apply to ambulances and medical flights, cargo, humanitarian flights, and diplomatic, government, or military flights. They must request prior approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Foreigners who are not permanent residents are not allowed to enter with the exception of passengers with a diplomatic or official passports or their dependents.
  • Nationals and residents must be self-quarantined for 14 days.
    Passengers who are embassy employees or have an official passport must self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Operating crew who are nationals of China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea will be subject to health screening upon arrival.


  • Visas on arrival and e-Visas are suspended for all nationalities until April 30. This also applies to crew.
  • Diplomats, UN Officials and any foreigner who wishes to visit must contact the Myanmar missions.
  • Nationals of China are not allowed to transit Myanmar without a visa.
  • All incoming Myanmar nationals arriving from any country will be subject to a 14-day facility quarantine on their arrival.
  • All foreign nationals traveling to Myanmar are required to present laboratory evidence of absence of COVID-19 infection issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel before boarding a flight. They will also be subject to a 14-day facility quarantine on their arrival.
  • All diplomats accredited to Myanmar and United Nations officials working  are also required to present laboratory evidence of absence of COVID-19 infection issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel and will be home quarantined for 14 days.
  • Passengers and crew entering are required to fill in a Health Declaration Card.
    Any foreign national with a valid entry visa must enter and exit at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airports only.
  • Until April 13: All internationals commercial passenger flights are not allowed to land at any airport, all landing permissions previously granted by MM DCA are suspended.
  • This does not apply to relief flights, cargo flights, ambulance flights and special flights specifically approved by MM DCA.
  • Crew member may be subject to quarantine until next departure schedule.


All visas are suspended until further notice. Passengers are not allowed to enter with the following exemptions:

  • Nationals who must contact their Embassy before traveling.
  • Diplomats. However, they will be subject to present a mandatory medical declaration and self-isolation.
  • Passengers who are experts, business managers or highly skilled workers. But they will be subject to present a mandatory medical declaration and self-isolation.
  • All passengers will be placed on quarantine at a designated facility for 14 days on arrival.
  • Passengers holding APEC card with VN mentioned on the back can still enter for a maximum 90 days.
  • All passengers and crew members must fill out a quarantine form prior to arrival.

All passengers are required to wear masks during the flight and flight taxiing in the airport.

Any flight with a COVID-19 case on board will be refused.

South Korea

Has restricted the entry of travelers with passports from China’s Hubei Province as well as anyone who has visited that region in the past 14 days.

Sri Lanka

All international Airports in Sri Lanka will continue to be closed for the operation of inbound international commercial passenger flights (i.e. arrivals) until March 31.

During the closure period the following will be permitted:

  • Aircraft Departures with passengers originating from Colombo, Stop overs, transit passengers or visiting tourists.
  • Emergency Diversions to BIA
  • Freighter Operations and humanitarian flights to BIA
  • Technical landings at BIA
  • Inbound ferry flights (without passengers) at BIA
  • Curfew lifted from 0600 hrs to 1400 hrs LCL March 24th , and will be re imposed till 06 hrs LCL on March 27.


Travelers from European countries in the Schengen Area as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Dubai will be quarantined at home for 14 days on arrival.


A state of emergency has been declared. Passengers will be permitted to enter only if they fall under one of the following categories:

  • A person exempted by the Prime Minister or Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under certain conditions.
    Cargo flights
  • Pilot and crew members of the flight entering Thailand with clear schedule to depart.
  • Persons on diplomatic or consular missions, or international organizations, representatives of the government performing their duties or other persons or international agencies that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives permission to. Also a certificate of entry to the Kingdom issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. But must have a Fit to Fly Health Certificate issued no more than 72 hours before traveling.
  • Non-nationals with a work permit or who have been granted permission from Thai government agencies. But must have a Fit to Fly Health Certificate issued no more than 72 hours before traveling.
  • Thai nationals with a certificate of entry issued by Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate certifying that they are Thais returning to Thailand, and a Fit to Fly Health Certificate.

Passengers permitted to enter Thailand shall strictly comply with disease prevention measures imposed by the government.

Immigration officers may deny the entry of Non-Thai nationals who have been tested positive for COVID- 19, or who may be infected or who refuse to undergo a test.

VTSP/KHT – Phuket:
No overnight parking allowed for GA flights until April 9 (maximum 4 hours ground time only).

Airport will be closed with no flight allowed from April 9 – April 30.

VTBD/DMK – Don Muang:
From March 31 until further notice airport slot request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approval may take up to 8 days.


All foreign nationals who enter must remain in self-quarantine for 14 days.

Nepali nationals and residents must stay in home quarantine for 14 days from their arrival.

The country has stopped issuing on-arrival visas to foreign visitors.

Papua New Guinea

  • International travelers are not allowed to enter the country, unless authorized by Ministry of Health. This is also applicable to crew, nationals and residents.
  • All international and domestic flights are suspended until April 8, this includes ambulance flights.


All travel into and out of Manila has been shut down.

While the Information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the Information. The Information may change without notice and UAS is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.

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Next, we’ll look at travel restrictions for Africa and the Middle East, and Russia/CIS.

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