Demand For UAS Supervision Rises 200% Post Pandemic


Demand for UAS Supervision Rises 200% Post Pandemic

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Global demand for additional ground support in the form of UAS VIP Supervisors has risen by 200% since the pandemic.

The dramatic rise is indicative of the complexities experienced over the past two years which have seen the traditional operating environment turned on its head.

Whether at a pivotal business aviation gateway or a more remote location, operators are engaging supervisors to navigate the complexities and handle any unforeseen issues of the operation on the ground, thereby enabling them to enhance efficiency, and speed, and reduce delays, costs, and stress.

The unprecedented complexities experienced by operators and ITPs during the pandemic have highlighted the impact a dedicated supervisor on the ground makes on operations. Having someone act as an extension of your team, on the ramp navigating last-minute changes or issues, and advocating for their interests at all times results in more efficient and smooth operations,” Mohammed Al Husary, UAS Co-Founder and Executive President.

VIP supervision also gives a competitive advantage, encouraging transparency on the ground,” he added.

A UAS supervisor’s role is to navigate the complexities of the aviation landscape by reducing points of contact, simplifying the trip planning process, and emulating the high standards delivered by UAS globally.

UAS supervisors have a wealth of experience and local knowledge, handle all pre-planning and information checks, and mobilize providers of ground services to ensure operators and passengers can have a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

They deliver priority ground handling, dedicated supervision, and the convenience of liaising with a single source for all trip support services.

The UAS Global Network has VIP Supervisors at key travel hubs across the Middle East, Africa, China, the UK, Mainland Europe, the US, and Latin America.

UAS can place a supervisor at any location on the globe to ensure optimal operational efficiency, safety, and quality.

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