Flexibility – A Crucial Management Skill


Flexibility – a Crucial Management Skill

Omar Hosari | - 10/12/2017
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Executive Insight

Flexibility – a crucial management skill: Managerial leadership requires a multitude of skills such as identifying and communicating purpose, defining strategy, making difficult decisions and inspiring employees. But, perhaps one of the most overlooked management skills and one that is vital to inform all others is flexibility.

Flexibility in business can be defined as the ability of an organization to quickly adapt to different external scenarios by making necessary internal changes. It is responding effectively to different challenges that arise as changes in market conditions, technology, or the needs of their clients. The key here is the word “respond.” It is hugely important to always be ready to respond, or else you will end up reacting – and reactive decisions are often emotional and not well thought-out. So, how do you ensure your organization is flexible? Here are a few key points:

Always stay well informed

A pretty basic point, but always worth reiterating. Staying abreast of developing market conditions, client trends, and developing technology is vital. However, I suggest you take it one step further and always know your present market conditions inside-out so you can predict the changes before they take place. Staying informed means you can quickly adapt your plan of action to suit whatever arises externally that can potentially impact on your business.

Accept that change is inevitable

Change is inevitable in business, be mindful that stressful times won’t last forever. Good management flexibility means being able to respond to changes and deal with whatever gets thrown at you. Being realistic in your expectations is important, and remember that change is inevitable and therefore maintaining flexibility is vital.

Be prepared to take action

Even if you perceive it to be counter to your ultimate vision, you must be willing to do what is necessary in order to get through difficult times or an unexpected challenge or set-back. This may mean a different route to fulfilling your vision, or it may mean it will take more time to get there, either way, at times flexibility is the only thing that ensures the ultimate survival of your business.

Encourage creative thinking

Obviously, it’s crucial to maintain a positive perspective. A great way of doing this, as well as ensuring your problem solving is as innovative as possible, it to make time for creative thinking. Ideas and solutions often come when we have the silence and space to think without distractions or stress. Thinking on a different level will build your management flexibility.